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Good afternoon everyone. My name is Bonnie Beckford and I’m a CIS major. Quick question. How many of you watch the news or buy a newspaper daily? How many of you have some form of social media account? Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or even a Linkedin account, I’m sure you’ve seen news coverage of some sort.

As social media use continues to grow, news becomes more easily accessible allowing instant news coverage making social media a prominent source for retrieving news.

From just 2003 to 2014 digital news revenue has increased where print newspaper revenue has dropped tremendously
* The annual revenue for print newspaper ads had dropped from roughly $45 billion to $16 billion, which is about 1/3 of the revenue it had nearly ten years ...view middle of the document...

* Twitter recently unveiled its new feature called “Moments,” which does the following:
* Feature allows anyone, whether they are a Twitter user or not, to view a feed of tweets, images and videos about live events as they happen, organized by a group of employees with “newsroom experience.”
* Twitter purchased and launched the live video-streaming app Periscope.
* Goal is to provide information about live events as they happen.
* Facebook introduced a “Trending” sidebar which does the following:
* Allows users to filter by topic and see only trending news about politics, science and technology, sports or entertainment.
* Snapchat has different filters including:
* Temperature
* Time
* Location
Which allows for people to post pictures/videos, while talking about one of the listed filters
* Snapchat has been trying its hand at bringing news to its people with Snapchat, which the company reports has 60 million monthly users. Discover currently features 20 outlets, including:
* BuzzFeed
* Daily Mail
* Live Stories are a select stream of user submitted Snaps from various locations and events.
* Users who have their location services on at the same event location will be given the option to contribute Snaps to the Live Story. The end result is a Story told from a community perspective with lots of different points of view.
Having a social media account can often give its users direct reliable news without turning on the television or opening a newspaper. If you want to immediately find out about what’s going on in the world today, having a social media account will give you great results without waiting for the Sunday paper or the 10 o’clock news.

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