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Social Media Review

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LOKAL: English though
Gartner Inc., an information technology intelligence company, recently said that their studies show that the Philippines is leading in the adoption of global social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in Asia. This confirms the study recently released by ComScore as well which ranked the Philippines as one of the top social media hubs in the region.
The same report showed that most of the major countries in Asia Pacific didn’t really buy into Facebook and Twitter immediately mainly because they have their own customized social networking services that are localized to their respective dialects. Also we have to take into consideration the rise of niche networking sites in Japan, China, and South Korea that are centered on online gaming. India also has popular dating and match-making websites. However I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter and Facebook gain more popularity in the next few months ...view middle of the document...

As of this writing, there are more than 11 million Filipinos living outside the Philippines. Social media has become a way for them to communicate with their families and friends instead of using overseas call and text, which are the traditional ways of communication.

Banyaga : Global
An increasingly interconnected world has emerged due to globalization and rapid advances in information technology. Social media, mobile technology and the Internet continue to spread globally, accelerating and expanding the free flow of information. This interconnectivity enables influencers to create deep transnational networks and impact on a global scale. Global communities can also be created virtually and conversations can start anywhere at any time, mobilizing audiences that transcend borders and geographic distance.
The Arab Spring is often considered one of social media’s breakout moments. Sometimes referenced as the “Twitter Revolution,” participants used social networks such as Facebook*, Twitter and YouTube both to mobilize and inform the world as the story unfolded. In Egypt, Libya and more recently in Syria, government leaders temporarily cut off Internet access, indirectly recognizing the role social media and other connective technologies played in accelerating the social movements. These movements demonstrate the power of a digitally empowered public and how technology can be leveraged for global influence. With an immense global reach – Facebook alone boasts 1.11 billion users worldwide – social media can potentially provide businesses with a line of direct communication with millions of connected individuals in new markets. However, social media on a global scale also presents a wide range of challenges, including different cultural approaches to using social media, different social media platforms commonly used and language and time zone issues. Additionally, negative brand sentiment can now achieve global scale almost instantly. Effective social media for international business requires a nuanced, well-researched and localized strategy, as well as expertise in the various markets being reached.

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