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Social Media Plan Essay

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MODULE A102IAE - Social Networking for Business MODULE LEADER Simon Hill STUDENT NAME Zehan Li STUDENT ID NUMBER 5324 200 SUBMISSION DATE 2nd May 2014 WORD COUNT 1516



INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................. 3 MAINBODY ..................................................................................................... 4 DEFINITION OF SOCIAL MEDIA ................................................................. 4 FUNCTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA ................................................................... 4 TWITTER & FACEBOOK ...view middle of the document...

Finally, the essay will make an overall conclusion concise and to the point, also present personal recommendations.




DEFINITION OF SOCIAL MEDIA All social media are part of e-communication, while not all e-communication is social media, because electronic communication refers to all passing of information from one individual to another, via computer, phone and fax. According to Kaplan and Haenlein (2010: 61), social media is ‘a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of usergenerated content’. In other words, social media is a way for everyone to create, distribute, exchange and share information or experience in virtual communities and networks. Furthermore, social media is different from traditional media to some degree. It based on web and mobile technologies and provides greatly interactive platforms for individuals and communities to discuss and modify the content that can be generated by users (Kietzmann and Hermkens, 2011: 241-249). Social networking refers in particular to the act of engagement, that people with common interests communicate and build relationships on social networking platforms. On the other hand, electronic commerce is generally known as E-commerce, which is an industry that conducts buying and selling over electronic systems, for example the Internet and computer networks. It involved a subset using social media to assist online selling and buying process which known as social commerce. FUNCTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA After a essentially description of social media, the essay further goes on to explore the function and role of social media to small business such as OraBrash, which is a dental product specialised in tongue cleaning and bad breath curing. The first function of social media to OraBrash, is promoting brand awareness. Brands that regularly post relevant content on social network sites may be able to raise their base of followers rapidly, because social media has the ability and viral nature of sassily and quickly spread information and messages. Secondly, social media can make help to overcome reluctance of purchasing. Comparing with customers reliance on

  word of mouth, the impressing of traditional advertising messages are pale, especially when the word of mouth comes from trusted family and friends. To the business of Orabrash, it can sincerely ask the existing customers to share there using experience on Facebook, in an effort to attract new customers. Thirdly, customer loyalty can be improved via using social media platforms. Social networking sites make business more like a friend to customers, and by building relationships with new customers as well as further cementing existing consumer bases, both customer loyalty and customer lifetime value will increase certainly. For example, Orabrash can share...

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