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Social Media Is The Platform That Reaches All Consumers In This Day And Age

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It is very easy to agree that the era we are in is known as the digital era as social media platforms play vast and critical roles in developing business relations. It is definitely one of the most highly established platforms out there thus far so much so it would be impossible to design any marketing strategy without using social media platforms. Hence, I will be stating my stand for the fact that social media is the platform that reaches all consumers in this day and age. Technology is an ever rising advancement that continues to make the lives of its consumers more convenient. Having said that, due to devices such as tablets, cell phones and laptops, consumers are do not require their ...view middle of the document...

Since it is available for young adults, women, men, well-to-do consumers, and older individuals, it is possible that businesses are highly dependent on their social media sites so, recently, marketing departments from around the world have started hiring community managers to evoke and increase brand awareness through their sites because it is the most affordable way to do so. Through this development it can also create a meaningful business to customer relationship. The more time that is invested in social media relationship, the stronger the relationship becomes. For example, tourism companies are able to create dialogues with their customers allowing them to have a more personal connection together. This ensures their customers that they do pay attention; they do listen to them and not neglect them by any means.

It is very easy for successful businesses to understand their audiences well. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook enable businesses to specifically target their customers. For examples if you want to open a new shop in a new area, such as coffee shop, you can...

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