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Social Media Destroys Communication Essay

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According to Forbes Magazine, a story was published about a mother by the name of Sharon Celine was exchanging text messages with her daughter who was in college. Throughout the conversation, her daughter was answering with positive statements followed by big smiley faces giving the impression that she was happy. To Sharons surprise, her daughter attempted suicide later that same night. In the days that followed, it came to light that she’d been holed up in her dorm room, crying and showing signs of depression — a completely different reality from the one that she conveyed in texts, Facebook posts and tweets.As human beings, our only real method of connection is through communication. ...view middle of the document...

This lack of intimacy makes us colder and more detached from one another. According to a recent survey,it was discovered that the typical Facebook user would only spend time with an average of 10% of people on their friends list but would not delete the ones they dont like, in fear that they will miss out on gossip. In all honestly, we can all admit that although having 1000 followers on twitter and over hundreds of friends on facebook may sound fun, only a couple of these people are your real friends who would help you in time of need. Fundamentally, technology and our use of it isn’t – as we’ve all hoped – bringing us closer together. In fact, it may be driving us farther apart, as we know more and more people, but know less and less about each of them.
Furthermore, the overuse of technology harms our ability to deal with conflict and confrontation. Despite the fact of it being cowardly, a recent survey revealed that one in ten people have been dumped by text message. Due to these "easy ways out", we have forgotten what it`s like to confront our issues and it seems to be safer, and less stressful to just text someone when breaking plans. We feel such a disconnect from one another, that It is easier to break up with someone via email than it is to look them in the eye and tell them it`s over. It can be argued that people are more honest by text in saying what they really feel because they dont have to deal with the person infront of them, but does that not make you weak, or show that you lack courage? The very idea that the only way someone can be completely honest to another is by text is just plain sad, and a little frightening that our interpersonal skills have deteriorated. Yes, confrontation can be scary because there is nothing to hide behind, or nowhere to run, and sometimes it is easier to use these electronic devices as a crutch, but what happens when that crutch cripples you? When you don`t know how to walk without it? -which brings me to my next point..
If I were to ask each of you if you were able to go an entire day without your mobile device, very few can say they`d be able to do so. In fact, in a recent TIME Magazine Mobility Poll, 84% out of 5000 people surveyed in 8 different countires, admitted that they couldn’t go a single day without their phones and a third of respondents admitted that being without their...

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