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Social Media Dangers Essay

1083 words - 5 pages

Julia Brand
English 101
September 11, 2014
Dangers of Social Media
Social media has become a commonplace in the homes across America. Like all things there are those out there who looks to use things for bad purposes. This puts us in a predicament where our children have access to the entire world before they’re truly ready to experience it. This means we need to help teach our children what is and isn’t safe on the internet and for us as parents to also recognize what is harmful and to attempt to protect our children. The dangers they face are often cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, and a “no privacy” zone. Being able to recognize these things and teach our children how to handle them ...view middle of the document...

Cyber-bullying can take more forms than one. “Cyber-bullying is becoming increasingly common: 38% of young people have been affected by cyber-bullying.”( The reason it is important to prevent cyber-bullying is because it can lead to our children being depressed, feelings of sadness and loneliness, loss of interest in hobbies, health problems. The cyber-bullying usually involves public threats to harm someone, to humiliate them, to tease or make fun, or to criticize them for the way the act or live. It is more harmful on social media, because it is “public,” it isn’t just heard by a few people standing nearby. It can and is usually seen by the entire internet that knows that person and friends of those friends etc. No longer are we confined by our physical location, because social media accounts can be read from anyone anywhere in the world, and this feeling can cause children who are victims to feel like the whole world hates them and is laughing at them.
The final danger is the lack of privacy. These social media sites are a billboard for the world about an individual. When someone posts a picture or a “status” this can be accessed by anyone who has access to the site they post it to and it is kept around permanently, able to be accessed for years down the road which presents some issues. Today companies looking to hire people will often create Facebook accounts for the sake of phishing for information that shows the individual looking to be hired isn’t a desirable candidate. This is why helping our children understand privacy settings are important. Even with strict privacy settings though it is also important to help them to know what you should and shouldn’t be posting to begin with. Many teens and children now like to post pictures of themselves partying and partaking in less and legal activities onto their social media pages to look cool and feel popular. This has already been exploited in some cities around the world for making arrests...

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