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Social Media Assignment Part B

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Advantages and disadvantages of social media. There are multiple advantages of social media, to name a few advantages; worldwide communities available, multiple interactions with large quantities of people, able to link other websites for advertisement, etc. These are ways to get a lot of boost in your advertisement and an increase in sales. This is due to Facebook or other social media sites being sought after by so many people.
It is the ultimate way to communicate these days and allows developers to fully put out their product. There are also disadvantages of this as well, some of the disadvantages of social media include; taking up a lot of time, not able to be as productive due to always updating, if social media or internet were to crash nothing would get accomplished as far as advertisement, possible bad reviews, etc. These are ...view middle of the document...

Social media is used so much these days it’s only a matter of time before there is a server overload and it has to get shut down for a little while to rebuild.

Alteration of social media knowing these advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of these advantages and disadvantages are key to knowing what to do and how to do it. This is very important when beginning something as important as launching a video game or a new product on social media. As I stated for a disadvantage above, the biggest one would be if the social media were to shut down. Free advertising always has it’s cons at some point and time, it will more than likely be victim of a server overload in the future.
This would make it very hard to advertise to the public without having these services constantly spitting out information on what they need to know. So, with that knowledge you would know to put the advertisement somewhere else as well. Having advertisement in a small assortment of locations on billboards would really help people see it also; this would allow them to search for it on social media networks and help spread the word. People tend to share things that they enjoy when it comes to social media or anything else.
Knowing the advantages such as large community of people seeing the posts, would allow a developer or whoever is running the website to make sure that the writings are targeting the correct audience. It is always better to have the correct faithful audience rather than a million people who are ¼ interested in what you are presenting. By posting things applying to people that are very interested in the product it allows you to expand your fans slowly but surely, assuring you that every fan knows you are for them and not just trying to make a huge sale. There are many ways knowledge of these advantages, and disadvantages will help boost sales, revenue, and anything else. Overall, social media is the fastest and best way to get out information; however having advertisement in other spots is never harmful.

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