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Social Media And The Transformation Essay

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Social Media & the Transformation
Over the years technology has transformed and social media is booming because of it. Facebook was the start of it all. Social media has changed the way people communicate with others. Self-disclosure is easier for those who use the internet to connect with the world because some people do not know how to communicate face to face. The plus side is that you can make friends with anyone across the country and create interpersonal relationships. Social media has changed the way people interact with each other because it transformed the way people communicate, as people are a lot more comfortable with self-disclosure, and this makes it easier to meet new ...view middle of the document...

Some of these apps can connect you with friends of your friends or people nearby. I recently moved to a new area and anyone of these apps could help me meet new people even though I am not a person who likes to meet people online. I would rather make friends at the bus stop, anywhere really. This change in technology could also be a bad thing because it could make face to face communication harder for those who do not know who to socialize face to face. This advance in techonology is also an outlet for some people to let the world know what is going on with their lives.
Technology has changed the means of communication. Having a conversation face to face is no longer required. Self-disclosure is very important for those who want to escalate in friendships and relationships. Self-disclosure builds confidence for each person to create a stronger friendship. Self-disclosure is easier for those who chose to communicate online because you are not looking at the person directly while telling your deepest darkest secrets. It is easier to open up to a complete stranger when if you do...

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