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Social Media And Relationship Essay

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Social Media and Relationship
 Imagine that you live in the past. In those days, you would live with barely any electricity in your house. You need couple days to travel from one place to the other places before technology was ever invented. Moreover, you have to go to some places to make a call because there were only a few places that have telephone. Add to that, either you wanted to send or receive letters to someone you love, you have to wait several days for the postman to come to your house. Isn’t it very upsetting to remember? 
What caused life at that time was so sad? The most reasonable explanation is in the past technology has not fully developed. However, it was happening in ...view middle of the document...

In addition, men usually dislike sharing their feeling face to face to someone close, even to their close friends. Therefore, social media can actually help to express men's thought. One article states, “Men more likely to express their thoughts and feeling by using social media because they don’t have to deal with the reaction from the other person by face to face in real-time.” (qtd. in Sifferlin 2). The article clearly states that men would find it difficult to deal with real-time response if they have to share their feeling directly. Moreover, men would be more contented to express themselves through social media. 
Secondly, social media can help us to find someone with same interest. Many people have tried to find their lover on social media; in point of fact, the social media can share a lot of information of someone you never knew before. Many prefer to look for their 'date' on social media because it gives them the idea about their date. “But technology just makes dating so much easier.” “It’s made it easier to approach each other, to talk casually, to get to know one another…” (qtd. in Bennett 1). As a result, social media become one of the instruments to find a lover.  
Even though the existence of social media has brought so many advantages to people’s relationship, some people might think it will not work in a good way. To certain extend, many people may think that were someone to become a couple through social media, they will only know certain personality about the one whom they are dated. However, I disagree with that argument. If someone already has a social media account such as Facebook, they tend to express their thought freely; therefore, it will not be difficult to justify someone's personality. Moreover, the account holder would prefer to show their interests in their profile page. Therefore, if someone wants to know each other, the profile information would help them to know what her or his interests. A statement from an article will help to illustrate it, “ … he took advantage of a detail the girl didn’t remember her Facebook profile had divulged: that she was a vegetarian … I looked like a mind reader, when in fact she provided me with all of the necessary info.” (qtd. in Bennett 1). This statement shows us that most people tend to provide their information of their interests in social media. Moreover, it also becomes one of the advantages for someone who wants to ask their date to hang out.  
However, other also believes that men these days are capable to make first impression to a woman without the need of social media. Yet, I disagree with their assumption. In real situation, most women would expect men would make the first move prior to dating. In addition, women also tend to play hard-to-get attitude. This situation makes most men become incapable to approach a woman. Some of them have some assumptions that were they to make first move, woman would probably reject them. Thus, it gradually makes men lose their...

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