Social Media And Its Effects On People

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Name: Ayeza Ali
Class: WRT 101
Professor: Dr. Drozd
Date: 12/03/13

Social Media: A Path to Societal Decadence?

With the public promulgation of the internet in the wake of 1990’s, a new era dawned upon humanity. What once used to be a time of familial gathering after dinner to savor stories from the past became the internet surfers lone time. Today, as one strolls along roadside cafés, subway trains, or sits at the campus cafeteria, the so called “social arenas”, all that he’d come across are familiar faces entangled in a world of their own. Headphones covering their ears and faces lit with the bright glare from their electronic devices, they have isolated themselves from society. ...view middle of the document...

Often new violent trends have broken out due to these social engines. Where somebody commits a crime out of frustration or personal reasons, soon others follow the same trend; with recent examples of a spike in shooting firearms in public places such as malls, schools and colleges.
Cyber bullying is the type of bullying where offensive or intimate information about a person is posted in form of videos or pictures on the social networking sites and with the help of other users, the person is humiliated in front of everyone he may know. In the past this has lead to many young kids attempting suicide as they cannot handle the embarrassment. Cyber bullying has become such a major problem that laws have been passed against cyber bullying, but due to the fact that there is not physical trail of the poster, it makes it harder for authorities to get to the criminal.
Social media has also affected the corporate world, where inside information has often been leaked regarding several business proposals often resulting in major losses to the respective companies. Often times corporate executive complain that employees waste a good chunk their time in socializing which greatly influences their productivity in their respective work fields.
Spamming is another weapon in the world of...

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