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Social Media Essay

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Job Description
The role of the Event Manager is to plan and execute events that fulfill Premier’s objectives. The role is incorporating a wide variety of tasks and event types. Working to deadlines, planning and project management will be a common feature of work to ensure events run well. There is a strong people-focused element including all the event contributors, venues, suppliers, and partners. Some of the main duties for event manager are responsible in event concept, budgeting, monitoring against plan, ticket sales, and organization of all materials needed. A part from that an event manager should also ensuring all events are properly staffed. On the day of event, an event ...view middle of the document...

We also get some advice from Chefs in improving our cuisine.
We were lucky that we get two times of practices so that we could make perfect food for customer on the event night. For the first practice week, I am focusing more on what happened in the kitchen. I monitored the kitchen team on how each department prepare their food. Making sure the process run smoothly and had the flavourful output. Farah had reminded them about the time management and I made sure that the food will be served to Dr. Rina on the right time. It is common for every people to make mistakes and so do people in the kitchen team. On the first practice week, many of them made mistakes in fact all departments did not escape from making one. The appetizer was better than other and not having any obvious mistake. The soup team in contrast, having crucial problem which they did not managed to get pumpkin flavour for the soup. The main course team had a little problems in finding good banana while the desert team has changed overall recipe to a new one as the older coconut mouse recipe were too sweet and not in stabilize shape.
Each of the courses was presented to Dr. Rina to taste and each chef de partie needed to explain their costs. Dr. Rina has made comments about food which needed to improve a lot especially for the pumpkin soup. I and Farah have made some discussion after that about improving the taste and texture for all the food. Some of the cooking methods needed to be changed a little and we agreed to do that on the next practice week. On the first practice, the service team needed to serve 50 people because the restaurant had an event. They managed to serve well.
For the second practice week, I am focusing more on service team. I checked the list for cutleries and dishes whether they enough for customer to use at once. I also asked them to prepare substitute plates if there any late turnover for the dishes. I monitored the decoration to confirm it reflect to the pirates theme. They also managed brilliant costume for all server which they innovated previous costume and made it more pirate look. We do have problems in placing all tables into the dining area. To overcome this, I discussed with Iylia who responsible for table layout and the arrangement of tables. Eventually, we came out with the solution that can fit all tables needed. I also talked with Wei Ching for the overall preparation and about time management on the event day.
For the kitchen part, I checked each department and they had improved not in just taste but also on the garnishing part. Farah also informed me that the kitchen is quite under control. The foods were presented again to Dr. Rina. She commented that all foods are improved a lot and she hoped that we can maintain this taste for the dinner event. Overall we come out with five courses which is tortilla chips with tomato salsa, prawn beignet with tartar sauce, pumpkin soup, jerk marinated chicken with red bean rice and coconut mousse on...

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