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Social networking in relation to young peopleSocial media is now central to how young people function socially and explore their identities compared to young people in previous decades. Social networking can shape how young people see the world thus altering how they make decisions, and how they interact with others in a social context. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and endless other examples all influence how young people interact and behave in society. This essay will explore some of the benefits and limitations in regards to young people including: the ability to communicate with people with out geographical barriers, education, and benefits to socially isolated young people. Also the ...view middle of the document...

For example specialized software such as skype, which enables people to talk to others with an Internet connection on the other side of the world is widely used.Research often suggests that relationships that occur solely online are often weaker that relationships that occur only offline of a combination of the two (Collin, et al, n.d.). However, for marginalized or otherwise socially alienated young people, online relationships can provide a significant and often, the only form of such socialization. Social networking can also have great benefits on young people who suffer chronic illnesses and disabilities as it provides not only the opportunity to make friendships, but some young people describe such friendships as 'true friends' this can assist young people who are marginalized to connect with other young people and share similar views and experiences. The Internet can also allow young people to be more creative. A quick visit to a young persons MySpace or Facebook profile it becomes apparent that these sites revolve around sharing music, photos, and, maybe most importantly, extending friendships (Livingstone, 2008). These sites allow individuals to be creative and expressive, thus allowing them more freedom to form their own identities and make their own choices.However, inevitably where there are benefits there may also be limitations that can have very negative impacts on the lives of young people, with social newtorking in severe cases this can even include death. As technology becomes increasingly advanced, more and more people are accessing it as Morimoto and Friedland (2011) states from 2004-2006 online usage by young people spiked from 77% to 88% with the amount of time spent on the computer and particularly online increased, young people are spending approximately 10 hours 45 minutes online each day (Morimoto, Friedland, 2011). It can be argued that young people today are not able to understand a life without social networking. Leading to many young people not finding their passion or purpose in life due to spending increased amounts of time online and not in the 'real world' which in extreme cases can cause mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and other social disorders. Social networking has the ability to turn the attention of young people away from other responsibilities such as doing well in school and going out to make their own life and supporting themselves financially and otherwise. Situations such as a young person being a part of a suicide pact, or having cyber sex with a stranger while the parents think he or she is doing homework or studying. Perhaps the worst affect of social networking is cyber bullying and a quick flick through the millions of websites available it becomes apparent that some are designed and created to with the intent just to harm and socially exclude specific young people. One study, conducted by Wyn and Cervo (2005) revealed that some sites aimed at young people who have anorexia or...

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