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The Importance of Social Media: Non-Profit Organization
Ianita Byrd
Indiana Wesleyan University

The Important Role of Social Media in Expanding a Non-Profit Organization

The YWCA of Northwest Indiana has turned to social media to reach out to as many people as possible. By using social media, the organization can let their donors or potential donors know what upcoming events are taking place. The YWCA of Northwest Indiana was established in 1920 and has served the Gary area for over 90 years. The goal of YWCA is to offer programs and services to empower young women and men. The YWCA is a Christian based organization that is focused on developing the young people within the ...view middle of the document...

"There is no denying that companies everywhere need a social media presence to thrive." Social media is big business and enterprises that use platforms like Facebook and Twitter will increase awareness of what they are selling. More than 80 percent of Americans participate in at least one social network and of those people, 53 percent follow a brand. (Poeter, 2012)
The potential to reach so many people is what makes social media so tempting to use. The importance of this medium is not only great for non-profits, but it is beneficial to all businesses. You have the potential to reach people with little cost. We are engrossed in the new age of social media. Electronic communication through the internet, e-mails, Skype and Twitter is how business is conducted today. It is important for companies to embrace social media outlets and learn how to navigate the latest communication trends. (Greig, 2011)
The YWCA knows how important social media is and is improving their current strategy. Social media is the use of websites and applications for social networking. There are six main types of social media:
1. Social networks
2. Bookmarking sites
3. Social news
4. Media sharing
5. Microblogging
6. Blog comments and forums
Of the six different types of social media, the one that is used most often is social networks. (Essounga-Njan, 2014)
The best type of social media for this organization is Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social media forms allow for the most control within the organization, and they are the most cost-effective. Social media has changed how business is done in the 21-century. Twitter and Facebook have become the modern day equivalent of the office watercooler, only stories are passed farther and faster. It is important for a business to know they can't control the message, but they must participate in the conversation. (Stricker, 2013) Once the YWCA decided to use social media, they must maintain control of the information that is issued. If you want to improve the image of the organization they must have strategies in place to deal with the positive as well as the negative issues that may arise. For example, how are you dealing with your customers or, in this case, your membership? Are you meeting their needs? If you are great, but if you are not and one of the members post unfavorable information on the internet it can have an adverse impact on the organization.
You must have positive customer engagement. This involves the level of expectation of value and satisfaction demanded from enterprises by their clients. (Moon, 2009) If the organization is functioning at the level requested by customers, hopefully, they will post a positive statement online. It is all about pleasing the customer or the membership. The more favorable information that is presented the better for the organization.

The Effectiveness of Social Media
The YWCA is encouraging the board members to use...

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