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Social Marketing Plan

Group: Avengers

* Trần Công Anh Minh
* Bùi Quỳnh Hoa
* Nguyễn Quốc Thắng
* Nguyễn Mỹ Linh

Class: VISK2012B

Social Marketing Program To Raise
Awareness About The Use Of Water In Vietnam

Executive Summary
Facing the truth that water is running out in our planet because human kind have waste the water for many years so we decide to create a water filters. The function of this machine is recycling dirty water or water used for laundry to drink water. Normally, we reuse water instead of let it flow to ...view middle of the document...

Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world and almost two-thirds of its people live along the country's three main river basins- Thai Binh, Mekong Delta and Dong Nai. Vietnam has 2360 rivers totaling to more than 10 km and it would appear that this should provide copious supply of water to the nation. However, due to the explosion of population along with the speed of urbanization, rapid industrialization has created a huge pressure on the living environment in Vietnam, particularly with the drinking water shortage is becoming more polluted. Most lakes in the big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City where more populated and industrial areas are contaminated. Most of the domestic wastewater (about 600,000 m3 per day, with approximately 250 tons of waste is discharged to the river in Hanoi area) and water of industry (approximately 260,000 m3 and only 10 % is processed) will not be processed of which flow directly into the lake, then flowing out of the big rivers in the Red river Delta and Mekong River. In Hanoi, the total amount of wastewater of its up to 300.000-400.000 m3 per day.

1.1 Market Analysis
Lack of access to clean water has been a major obstacle in the world, especially in developing countries where sanitation and hygiene has been affecting many people. Better managing water resources reduces the transmission of diseases and make life safer for millions of people. Because water is an invaluable resource, but it is not a permanent resource, and therefore the use of water filter is an essential job. That is why perfect Water Filters named Green Lanterns was born. Green lantern will filter thoroughly water for each region for the various components of water resources while ensuring good mineral for the body.

In today's marketplace, there are many types of water filter products with style, design, size and different quality. But why should you choose our Green Lantern’s products? First we will answer two of the most common questions customers:

1. What water purification technology is best now?
2. What are the advantage points of Green Lantern with the other brand?
1. What water purification technology is best now?
Currently on the market, the most popular is the Nano and RO water purification technology. However, RO technology is the best water purification technology today in terms of the purity of the water after filtration. Water quality output have to preserve beneficial minerals for customers, eliminates bacteria and other harmful impurities. Use purified water for a long time can cause the body lacks many essential minerals because pure water is often filtered through RO technology that the beneficial minerals can also be filtered out.
So that you can choose for your family a best water softener is not easy. People are still confused or between nanotechnology water purifier and RO technologies:
3. What are the advantage points of Green Lantern with the other brand?

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