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Social Loafing A Learning Contract Essay

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BUSM2301 Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Learning Contract C


Course: BUSM 2301. Group Number: 10. Full name: Linh, Dang Binh Phuong. Student ID: s3210262. Words Count: 1,995.


1. Observation: 3 2. Apply theories: 4 2.1 - Applied theory of "Specializing the tasks": 4 2.2 - Applied theory of " Establish task importance along with highlight achievement": 5 3. Interview 6


After doing research and review on Social Loafing at LCB, in this LCC, I would like to present what ...view middle of the document...

< Findings, analysis and evaluation: Through observing and taking notes, I could say that social loafing
usually occurs in such 1) teams that do not have clear tasks division (in our studying environment) and in some 2) cohesive teams where team members were so close together (they often formed cohesive informal groups as well), they tend to do the loafer's divided part unconditionally to get the job done.
Invisible task was the most common issue leading to social loafing in working teams at school, especially when the teams had to perform ML or SD role which usually including many required tasks. Usually, team leaders just mentioned in general what tasks they had to perform but usually forget about dividing them to certain members at the end of each meeting. That was the reason why members within team were not sure about the part they had to prepare and started to loaf, especially in cases of having too much assignments and examinations on other subjects in the same week.
Frankly speaking, once we get used to the tasks in OB class and once the tasks were on track, things become somehow easy to perform that they do not require the contribution of all the team members to be done. Sometimes I went with other OB teams when I have to due assignment on school-off days, I noticed that all team members did not attend the group meeting, sometimes one or two members had private problems, they just phoned the team leader and then the rest of the team would willingly do their parts.
This finding had led me to the next step: applying the researched theories.

2. Apply theories:

According to my observations at school, there are two typical reasons for social loafing to occur: invisible tasks and too cohesive teams - this later finding is somehow strange and far from my research (although the later issue did not affect team effectiveness very much, it probably caused bad habit to individuals). So, I chose two theories to apply right on my team works as below:

2.1 - Applied theory of "Specializing the tasks":

As a leader, I am responsible for dividing the tasks to team members. In fact, for I have interest in this issue and had some research right in week 3 when we chose our own topic. So, in the very first weeks after week 3, I tried to arrange at least 2 meetings for the team, a fixed one on Saturday afternoon at 2p.m. when everybody had finished the last class of the day, and the other one which would be arranged later based on the fixed meeting result. At first, when one of our members showed signs of social loafing (Nam), he kept missing team meetings, so our team decided to fine him 50000 VND for each meeting absence but it seem did not really work out.

In weeks we performed RG or AD role, the tasks were quite simple. Each member took turn to write the report for the weeks while others sent their own notes to the one in charge. Next, certain member in team would be in charge of checking the citation and reference (most of the time...

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