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Social Justice Essay

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Running Head: Social Justice- Dhimmitude

Social Justice Project- Dhimmitude in Health Care
Lindsey Weber
LA 105 –Professor McKinnis
November 9, 2011

I found the oddities in the healthcare bill to be quite intriguing. There has been some major controversy over the health care bill as it is, and the deeper one delves, the more one finds about its details. I was particularly curious about a section that supposedly entitles Muslims in this country to practice “Dhimmitude” as part of their health care. It is easy to see the varying opinions on the matter, so I researched these and came to my own conclusion.

The actual meaning of the word “dhimmitude” is the ...view middle of the document...

Insurance is considered gambling, risk-taking and usury in their eyes, and therefore the U.S. government pays for it (“”). Religious tolerance is important to be a democracy, but the freeloading of healthcare is unfair to those with a different religion.
Bat Ye’or introduced the entire concept of dhimmitude in 1983 to describe the conditions of Jews and Christians under Islamic Jihad laws. The Arabic word “dhimmi,” meaning protected, was the word it is derived from. This word was used when a treaty was made with people conquered by Arab-Muslim tribes (“The Status of…”). All of these concepts of governing conquered peoples come from the idea of shari’a law (“Sharia Law:”). This acts as a religious guide to life, something like the Bible is for Christians.
While none of the words including “dhimmitude,” “shari’a law,” “Muslim” or “Islam” appears in the healthcare bill; enough of the ideas are present as to set some people on edge. There are parts of Shari ‘a Law especially that disrespect women’s rights and some basic respect that Americans sometimes take for granted. It is because of these differences that any concepts from the laws of Muslim people are under heavy criticism.
Some may argue that the concept of an agreement between a conquered people and their conquering party is a sound and fair practice. While in some cases this is true, when translated correctly, “dhimmi” is a demeaning term. It speaks of vulnerability and humiliation (Review of Islam…”). Pride is a major part of one’s devotion to their country. If a concept such as this is part of one of the American government’s most prided responsibilities, who’s to say it won’t spread to more drastic measures?
Islam’s foundations do not tolerate any religious aspects of the jihad-conquered “infidels.” Therefore, the idea of tolerance is an historical falsehood. This means a hope of coexistence between Muslims and Christians is not actually possible. It would more realistically be the slow disappearance of Christianity from these regions. Now isn’t that a scary thought? If there is truly a separation of church and state, this part of the bill comes close to crossing that line.
While this may seem unreasonable in the present, it is clearly a relevant issue in Europe. People there are slowly giving way to the more assertive ways of the Islamic populations. As the minority grows, it may become a majority. America is a melting pot and adapts concepts and laws from around the world. If Europe is undergoing something so drastic as we speak, who’s to say it couldn’t happen elsewhere? If Muslim people wish to practice their religion in harmony with others, there is nothing to stop them. If...

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