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Social Issues In Bangladesh Essay

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Social problems of Bangladesh

Social problem is an unexpected situation which hinders to lead normal life in a society. Social problem is a multidimensional problem. Social problem are created by various reasons.

Sociologists usually consider a social problem to be an alleged situation that is incompatible with the values of a significant number of people who agree that action is needed to alter the situation.

Social problems of Bangladesh and its remedies
Bangladesh is attacked by various social problems. The main problems are over population, poverty, unemployment, crime, juvenile delinquency, corruption, lack of nutrition, prostitution, beggary and ...view middle of the document...

c. Expansion of education : Education is an important tool for controlling over population growth. Particularly female education can play an important role regarding population problem.

d. Employment of education : if we can increase the participation of women in economic activities, the fertility rate will obviously increase.

e. expansion of recreation facilities : the population growth will be decreased. If we can expand the decent and welfare created oriental recreational facilities. For this purpose TV and cinema etc. should be expended at the village level.

f. Early marriage: early marriage must be controlled though law and minimum marriage age for boys and girls should be 20 and 25 years respectively. …… action should be taken if anyone breaks the law.

2 Poverty:
Poverty as a social problem is a deeply embedded wound that permeates every dimension of culture and society . IT includes sustained low levels of income for members of a community .it includes lack of access to services like education, markets, health care, lack of decision- making ability, traditional agricultural system, lack of industrialization, unproductive education system, over population, less production, unemployment, natural disaster, lack of employment for woman, illiteracy and communal facilities like water, sanitation, roads, transportation, and communication.

Ø Formulating and implementing plan at national level for crediting poverty.
Ø Increasing agricultural and industrial production.
Ø Population control.
Ø Proper distribution of wealth and decreasing misuse of wealth.
Ø Minimizing social discrimination.
Ø Employment generation.

Crime is doing something forbidden by low. That could mean stealing a mobile phone, vandalism, graffiti mugging, stealing or taking and selling drugs. Antisocial behaviour is criminalised and treated as offences against society which justifies punishment by the government. A series of distinctions are made depending on the passive subject of the crime ( the victim ) or on the offended interest(s), in crimes against:
Ø Poverty
Ø Personality of the states
Ø Rights of the citizen
Ø Public administration.
Ø Administration of justice.
Ø Religious sentiment and faith.
Ø Public order.
Ø Public economy, industry and commerce.
Ø Public morality.
Ø Person and honour.
Ø Patrimony.

Or they can be distinguished on the … punishment ….tariffs…. in line with… perceived …………………..sentences for the least serious…………… punishment for most serious.

There are three ways for alleviating poverty from Bangladesh:
a) Preventive measure:
Population control.
Productive educative policy.
Employment generation.
Economic development.
Creating recreation facilities.
Resisting alien culture.
Spreading moral and religious education.

b) Curative measure:
Punishment on the basis of extent of crime.
Sound family environment.
Reforming legal system.
c) Rehabilitation measure:

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