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Social Issues Essay

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Final Project; Social Problems
Ramona Taitano Loughran

Final Project; Social Problems
This class has been very informative. We have been given a lot of information regarding diversity and overall I understand it a lot better. The best piece of information that I got from the diversity teachings was the fact that we learn so much from other people. I live close to San Francisco, CA and it is one of the most diverse cities in America. Not only are there so many different races, there are a bunch of different lifestyles that people live out here. For example; you have your surfer dudes, hippies, gays/lesbians/transgender, and you typical straight person. I can ...view middle of the document...

This is not just some small city; this is the third largest city in Mexico. This is one of the reasons why they migrate to the states. They know they can work and raise a family here without living in fear of being killed by the cartels. According to,0,2997436.story, More than 400 people have been killed in the state so far this year, compared with 315 in the same period of 2011, one local news report said. Extortion by cartels or petty criminals is believed to be widespread. And, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable from 2009, "all of the region's police forces are controlled by organized crime." This to me is scary and people just don’t want to live in fear. How can the cartels control law enforcement too? Law enforcement is supposed to protect the citizens! In America, we don’t have this issue as much. Because this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, people from foreign counties will continue to migrate here and this country will continue to grow.
America faces a lot of challenges do to the diversity of its people. Because we are all so different, we have a hard time accepting one another. This is where discrimination and prejudice comes into play. I have come to appreciate the fact that all Americans are different and they all can bring something different to the table. Most people fear and don’t respect the unknown. By the unknown, I mean someone or something they don’t know or can’t indentify with. This is a form of ignorance and it exists everywhere. This will always be a challenge as everyone will always be entitled to their opinion. Since we cannot change the way people think these kinds of challenges in America will never cease.
Some of the benefits of such a diverse population are the fact that we learn so much from one another. When I get to experience other cultures, it’s like a breath for fresh air. I am one who loves to learn, and if I didn’t explore things that I don’t know, what would I have to learn? I know about my culture already, so I want to have some experiences with other ones. For example, I love to eat. I enjoy eating Hispanic and Asian food amongst others. I don’t always want American food. Another good example is religion. There are some religions that are based out of other countries, but some Americans follow them. I respect all religions, as everyone has their preference.
As far as pluralism is concerned, we have to understand that it’s not just something that we need to tolerate. It’s something that we need to understand. As explains, “Tolerance is a necessary public virtue, but it does not require Christians and Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and ardent secularists to know anything about one another. Tolerance is too thin a foundation for a world of religious difference and proximity. It does nothing to remove our ignorance of one another, and leaves in place...

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