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Social Interationist Media Analysis

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Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis
SOC/100 Introduction to Sociology
Mrs. Christina Oberste

Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis
In today’s society, all human beings have their very own distinctive, customizable features such as body composition, hair length, attire, and style. At the same token, they all have genetic-based features such as color, height, facial features, and gender. While these features are quite commonly used to identify all human beings, they also give way to categorizing, mislabeling, and stereotyping another individual. Categorizing society by means of race, social class, and gender, is very common in today’s society; ...view middle of the document...

The detective makes gestures insulting the civilian’s height because of her oriental decent. In today’s society, we commonly perceive that all people of oriental decent are shorter in height; this is commonly known as a racial stereotyping. After these remarks are made, a few series of events occur which slowly transitions the film to a previous day in time, leading the viewer to a different scene within the movie.
Scene two of the film takes the viewer to a guns and ammunition store in which a lady and gentleman, of middle eastern-decent, are at the purchase counter attempting to obtain a firearm. The clerk says a line to the customers and subscripts appear at the bottom of the screen as the lady and gentleman began to communicate to one another in their native language. After a few moments of conversing, the clerk suddenly becomes irate with the customers and in-turn causes the male customer to verbally retaliate. As the verbal battle escalates, the store security officer is called to remove the gentleman from the check-out counter. Telling by the timing in which the clerk became irate with the customers, the clerk seemed to disagree with the customer’s use of a foreign language in his presents. Depending on the words exchanged by the clerk to the customer, this incident could be attributing of either racial stereotyping or racial profiling. As the woman customer voluntarily leaves the gun store, viewers are immediately transitioned into the next scene of the film.
In this scene, the viewers are introduced to two African American men dressed in urban attire who seemed to be very...

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