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Social Institutions Essay

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Social Institutions
Kelly Beam
Criminal Organization Week 3
Thomas Borton

A social institution is the area or group where a person lives or grows up. Getting an education creates a social institution because school helps to forming variable for the students who attend. The experience and knowledge a person receives in school, the environment a person grows up around helps them make the choices they make in life and develops what kind of person they become as an adult.
Social Institutions relate to organized crime as being the theory we are all a product of the environment we grow up in. Most feel what we are exposed to within any kind of social group for any length of time we will ...view middle of the document...

As a result of those immigrants introducing those organized crime groups to our country the theory adopts the idea that without that introduction those organized crime groups may not have developed otherwise.
Another theory attributed to organized crime and criminal behavior is the Rational Choice theory also known as the classic theory, suggests that people who commit crimes do so after considering the risks of detection and punishment for the crimes as well as the rewards of committing the crimes successfully (Lyman & Potter, 2007). This theory was first exposed in the mid 1800s by the classical school of criminology (Lyman & Potter, 2007). The idea that members of organized crime group have free will to make rational decisions in regards to their involvement in criminal activity. With this theory it is suggested that the punishment for their criminal activity needed to be more harsh then pleasure or reward they got from committing the act, resulting in the criminal hopefully realizing the crime was not worth the time.
This theory in my opinion makes sense but tends to be a problem in our society, since many offenders don’t get the harsh sentence they should for the crimes they commit or have committed in the past, making the pleasure vs. pain variable insignificant.
The final major theory in relation to organized crime and criminal behavior is the Deterrence Theory which...

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