Social Facilitation And Its Influence On Food Intake

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Social Facilitation and its influence on food intake

Social facilitation has shown to bee an attribute to the aspect that some people have a higher susceptible level to social influence; an individuals factors can make him/her more attentive of evaluation. This can have an effect on an individuals presence in front of observers, where the individual can be more greatly affected in presence of others. Esma is an individual of normal body weight who attends a social dinner consisting 12 other people, whereas two of whom she is familiar with. Considering this, I will firstly proceed to argue if social facilitation influences the amount of food intake as in Esmas situation, and secondly, ...view middle of the document...

Leary and Kowalski explains that individuals have the need to control the impression others have of them (Leary & Kowalski, 1990).

To fully understand the reason why the food intake would increase or decrease one has to evaluate the factors that influence the behavior. Hetherington and his colleges found that one significant influence on human eating behavior is by situational factors; from the presence of others to the availability and palpability of foods (Hetherington et al, 2006). One explanation states that the effect is ’time extension’. A meal companied by others tend to take longer because of verbal interactions, by that increasing exposure to the convenience to eat and food cues. This would indicate that Esma would eat less, since she do not know many of the people to have verbal interactions with. Another factor might proceed by ’producing disinhibit on’. The individual would release behavior from inhibition, if the people presence relaxes the individual. By observing someone else’s consumption, one would discard the constraints on intake, that otherwise would be the limit of the amount consumed. This notion would predict that the release of restraints on intake is an effect depending on the level of calmness with social meals. This indicates that the relaxation would be greater if better known the companions, hence the increased food intake (De Castro, 1997). This would indicate that in Esmas situation, she would most probably eat less, where she is only familiar with two of the twelve people she was dining with.

However, the situation would differ if Esma had low levels of trait empathy. Trait empathy is describes as; the individuals reaction to observed experiences of others. Empathy is seen as a trait, by which individuals have different levels of empathy brought to a situation, depending on the situation (Davis, 1983). A study done by Robinson show that empathy is associated with the mirroring of consumption (Robinson et al, 2011). This indicates that if Esma has low levels of trait empathy, she would not mirror her companions consumption. The mirror . It also indicates that the low trait of empathy would prevent her from the need to impress others. The consumption would be the same as if she ate alone.

It is easy to indicate the correlation between social facilitation and its influence on food intake....

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