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Social Exchange Theory Presentation Essay

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Social exchange theory is a social psychological and sociological perspective that explains social change and stability as a process of negotiated exchanges between parties.An example of social exchange theory can be seen in the interaction of asking someone out on a date. If the person says yes, you have gained a reward and are likely to repeat the interaction by asking that person out again or asking someone else out. On the other hand, if you ask someone out on a date and they reply with “No way you creep!” then you have received a punishment that will probably cause you to shy away from repeating this type of interaction in the future.
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If there is no balance in how goods are distributed within a society, that lack of balance can ultimately breed societal unrest. The example I will use will be one I witnessed as a Law Enforcement Officer. As a Patrol Officer we were issued a Standard of uniforms and equipment that was, of course, functional but not exactly what anyone would really consider comfortable. Furthermore, our weapons systems that we were issued were standard as well. Our special enforcement teams such as the Tactical Special Enforcement Teams were all issued the more comfortable uniforms and equipment and their weapons systems were highly customized making them far more accurate and much easier to engage a target with. The list goes on; they were also issued the nicer patrol vehicles that had a far better pursuit rating for chases. Patrol Officers basically got the hand-me-downs from them. We generally felt that we were being treated unfairly because those special teams were, in fact, so “specialized” in their enforcement that regular patrol officers were doing most of the Law enforcement where they did very little that would even justify them having all of this special equipment to begin with. This

situation led to a lot of resentment over the favoritism and a general dislike for the “prime donne” attitude within our special teams. To rectify the issue, our department formed a committee to research the effectiveness of that special team and a cost analysis of the logistics for that team. The committee determined that based off of the team’s statistics, as they pertained to their effectiveness, played to no benefit to the department as a whole. The team was shortly after disbanded with their personnel being absorbed back into regular patrol duties and the equipment was reissued to more effective and deserving teams that could best make use of it. That research and analysis restored balance to that conflict and made for a much better work environment.


A stable social relationship requires that individuals make some investments to bring it into being and maintain it in existence, and it is to the advantage of each party to have the other or others assume a disproportionate share of the commitments that secure their continuing association. Hence the common interest of individuals in sustaining a...

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