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Social Entrepreneurship can be explained as the act or submission of one or more persons with innovative resolutions to societies most pressing social issues. Social Entrepreneurship utilizes its resources and business surroundings to benefit the needs or wants of it social surroundings. One example that may play into social entrepreneurship is a company called “Thermpod”. A young girl, by the name of Jane Chen established this company, creating a sleeping bag-like device that warmed low-birth weight babies in hospitals and clinics. Chen’s invention not only saved lives of thousands of babies a year, but also put smiles on may faces.
Another amazing social entrepreneur is Maggie Doyne, ...view middle of the document...

This program has served over 16, 244, and currently serves 4,800 students.
It is programs like these that truly fulfill the needs that Maggie Doyne sought; the need to help children, to education them, to provide them homes. It is because of people like Maggie had a vision for change to fulfill a need, a real need. She believed that if every child had the most basic needs and rights of a safe home, medical care, love, and education they would have the foundation to grow to be leaders.
The Maggie Doyne Foundation (Kopila) strives to solve a long-term problem of educating and providing homes to children who are less fortunate. In addition, Maggie Doyne adopts these children as her own providing them homes with love, support, and all the needs of a family.
The success is all in the progress that Maggie Doyne has fulfilled in building a home for 300 kids, which originally started for a handful of children. Maggie tells her story as a young girl, only age 19, who took a chance with her life savings to change the lives of hundreds of children.
In reading the story and the amazing venture that Maggie Doyne has accomplished, my thoughts to apply social entrepreneurship to my organization seem nothing in comparison. However, sometimes it’s important to see things from the outside of the box, to realize how important it is to help people. In my eyes, when I talk about the military I focus on the pride of each division, the goodness of their nature, and the importance of their...

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