Social Deviance In The Media Essay

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Social Deviance in the Media
Amy Hanson
January 24, 2016
Andrea Harris

I will be taking a look at how social deviance is portrayed in the media today. The television program I will be discussing is the show Cops. Cops is a reality television program that first aired in 1989 and was created by John Langley and Malcom Barbour. The show takes a raw and edgy look at social deviance through the eyes of law enforcement officials. It is unconventional, in the sense that it is unscripted and unnarrated. In 2011 Cops became the longest running show in broadcast history. The show depicts true life crime that is being committed all over the country. When watching this show you will see ...view middle of the document...

After reading these reviews, I found it interesting that society would find people committing crimes all over this country humorous and entertaining.
It was then that I realized just how influential the media can be. It can influence your beliefs or views on situations. I also realized that the media can pick and choose what they want to show. So just how much of a reality, is this reality show? While watching this show I couldn’t help but to think, how having cameras pointed at you could really manipulate the situation. For example, there was an episode where a man had his vehicle searched and marijuana and paraphernalia was found. The cop proceeded to let the individual go with a ticket. The individual was on probation. I thought to myself, could it be possible that had this cop not been on camera would he have arrested the individual? However, since they were filming the show the cop wanted to appear like the good guy. While watching this show I noticed that many of the individuals being detained complained that law enforcement had used excessive force or complained of police brutality. If this were in fact true, the media could cut out certain parts that were actually to be televised. Again, they can pick and choose what they want the public to see.
As I viewed this show analytically, I considered symbolic interactionism and non-verbal communication. In most of the episodes that I viewed the non-verbal communication that was presented was through violence or high speed chases. These high speed chases are putting other people throughout these communities at risk. It...

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