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Social Care Essay

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Unit 11. D2
Assess the effective of safe practices when preparing, cooking and serving food in a health or social care setting.
In my opinion having effective mechanisms in place and monitor their progress will be vital in order to assess the impacts of good food preparation, cooking and serving methods in social care settings. This process will be monitored and assessed by implementing effective monitoring mechanisms in key stages. It is now a legal requirement for anyone works with food preparation unit to keep records. As a manager you will Need to look at these records on a regular basis so you know that your staff have done all of the necessary checks. Records are also of major importance if you ever need to defend yourself and your work in court. Quite simply, they ...view middle of the document...

in order for you to comply fully with you need to identify different stages of food handling mechanisms in social care unit. These are activities that you carry out to assess the effectiveness of the whole stage when handling or preparing food. For each stage you must decide what food safety risks or ‘dangers’ are Likely to exist at each different stage. These are things such as dirty equipment or food being left out at room temperature that may result in it becoming contaminated or unsafe to eat. Take a look at each of the dangers you have identified and determine which of them are absolutely essential or “critical” to the safety of the food. You must then decide what good hygiene practices you can use to stop each danger occurring and implement them.
If something can be measured, (e.g. temperatures) you must specify what these should be (e.g. fridge temperature must be 0-5ºC). Regular checks must be done to ensure that everything is in place, including the measurements you detailed above. Where possible these checks should be recorded as proof that they have been done. A manager or supervisor will need to ensure that staff have been doing the checks correctly and as often as required. This can be done by looking at records they have written down and visually watching how they are preparing and handling food. If anything goes wrong at any stage, or the checks show that the measurements are wrong, the staff must understand what they have to do to avoid food becoming unsafe. You should encourage staff to always write down the things that go wrong and what staff and you have done about implementing effective food preparation, serving and cooking practices tighter with controlling mechanisms we are able to serve safe food for our residents in social care unit.

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