Social Actions On Bullying Essay

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Social Actions on bullying

A social problem is any certain condition or a group of events that causes public attention/troublesome situation, and requires a change for the betterment of the society and the individuals affected by it. Human beings face plenty of issues in their lives and not all of them become social problems. The construction of social problem highlights how the society defines to be the appropriate way to do things. The critical thinking model has been used to analyze today’s social issue “Bullying”.
What is critical thinking? Basic critical thinking is inquiring the nature of the issue using problem solving skills. It involves maximizing and minimizing parts of the ...view middle of the document...

Why is bullying a social problem: Bullying can socially and personally affect an individual to a point where it might lead him/her to lose mental balance or even harm himself/herself. The attacks can be personal, generic, racial, and sexual or caused by any kind of superiority one has over the other person. A social imbalance between two individuals or two groups of people/organizations can very well result in bullying and hence it is a social problem.
Who or what is affected: The victim and witness are affected by bullying. The victim is directly affected by bullying as he/she is the one targeted, and hence the effect is maximum. The witness may be affected depending on the nature and context of the event.
Who benefits and loses: There is no real winner here in most cases unless the bullying is an intentional approach to beat off sheer opposition competition. The loser at most times is the victim. Physical torture can lead to a criminal offence and the offender can get heavy penalty or jail-time. Bullying does not benefit the society. It only makes a person feel stronger than the other person but in the long run benefits none. It’s a lose-lose situation for all.
What is the overall cost to the society: Every citizen of the country is part of the society and equally important and responsible. Bullying affects one’s mental confidence and makes a person fearful of the society. Hence, that individual no more feels a part of the society and cause harm to himself/herself. The cost might not be in terms of money but virtually the society is paying for it.
What are the possible solutions? The possible solutions could be many but it’s very difficult to say what would completely eradicate bullying from the society. The society actively takes part in events to cause awareness on bullying and other social issues. There needs to be a change in approach and it needs to be done universally otherwise it doesn’t help. Cyber-bullying is the most difficult form of bullying to trace and most difficult to stop.
The following information has been collected from Statistics Canada:
* Canada has the 9th highest rate of bullying in the 13-years-olds category on a scale of 35 countries
* At least 1 in 3 adolescent students in Canada have reported being bullied recently
* Among adult Canadians, 38% of males and 30% of females reported having experienced occasional or frequent bullying during their school years
* 47% of Canadian parents report having a child victim of bullying
* Any participation in bullying increases risk of suicidal ideas in youth
* The rate of discrimination experienced among students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-identified, Two-Spirited, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) is three times higher than heterosexual youth
* Girls are more likely to be bullied on the Internet than boys
* 7% of adult Internet users in Canada, age 18 years and older, self-reported having been a victim of cyber-bullying at...

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