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Soccer My Sport Essay

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Sports are the best way to pass time or to just have fun. I love sports they make you feel better and less stress. My favorite sport is soccer; it is a great sport because you play with a team and friends.

Soccer is well rounded there are some rules that you have to follow, they are not complicated. For me soccer keeps me out of trouble and in shape and healthy. You should always pick a sport that you like you never know you might be great at it. Playing with a team it is required to have eleven players, it includes goalkeeper, so in the field there should be twenty-two. There are referees that keep the game going and save. When you play with a friend you don’t need a referee. A referee is the official of the game that will apply the rules of soccer. You ...view middle of the document...

You need to wear your shin guards which help protect your feet. When you play fair and win a great match you feel so happy and proud of yourself.

During my community service in City Year there was a leader that explained to us about a situation that he was in. He was assigned to help out a school in the east side of San Jose Ca. the leader had to make up games or activities for student during lunch. He decided to play soccer during lunch because he had seen that the kids liked it a lot, but he noticed they were playing rough and not following the rules. He decided to show the student on how to play safe and at the same time have fun. The first time he tried to make them play only two kids played with him and the older kids decided to play their own rough game. He continues everyday playing with the same kids but he always encouraged the older ones to play along. Since the boys thought that his game was no fun because it had rules they played their own. Days went by and fifth grader students noticed that the save group was having fun so they decided to join, each day a new kid joined to play the save soccer game. This showed them save play and fun, this is another reason I love soccer. The City Year leader was really proud of the student and himself.

If you want to stay away from trouble you should play a sport it doesn’t necessarily need to be soccer. If you like to look fit you should play soccer because it keeps you healthy while you are having a great time. You need to find out things about you, what makes you feel good and proud. There are skills and there’s practice both in different ways but always trying your best. When you practice and try your best and don’t give up you achieve and learn more. Soccer is all around us and it makes families come together and watch a game or play the game.

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