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Soccer International Essay

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Soccer International
It’s six A.M. on a Monday morning, the sun is still asleep. The football superstar rises from his bed, careful not to wake his mate. The smell of Robusta coffee beans begin to awaken his senses as he sluggishly makes his way into the kitchen. He checks his watch, gathers his essentials, and heads out the door in the direction of the train station; Here begins a full day, devoted to perfecting his talent.
Like any professional athlete, the life of a soccer player requires discipline, focus, and drive. The sport is more than just a game to them; it’s a career. Mandatory daily practices and workouts are imperative to honing their skills. Many Americans do not give soccer a chance due to the overshadowing caused by American Football. Americans often portray professional soccer players as pansies kicking around a ball, without considering the coordination it takes to pass, handle, and score ...view middle of the document...

They must be able to perform difficult ball handling maneuvers with such finesse using heavy calculations. According to Joe English, National Advisory Coach to the Team In Training program, soccer players burn an incredible 800-1000 calories per hour. This is due to the constant motion and fast paced flow of the game.
American football lacks the cultural diversity that soccer holds. International teams, who compete in the world cup, consist of players solely from the country they are representing while the lower tiered club leagues contain players from a collection of countries around the globe; this allows the meshing of different walks of life. The blend of cultures created by soccer further extends to the fans. The World Cup competition, consisting of the top thirty-two international teams, is held every four years. It’s the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. Every four years the event is held in a different country allowing those who tune in to catch a glimpse of what exists beyond their nation’s borders.
The majority of team based sports have physical requisites for certain positions on a team. Soccer however, does not fall into this category. In American Football, if a certain individual’s ideal job were to be an NFL linebacker, he or she could certainly not be shorter than 5’7 or weigh under 180 lbs. Basketball also has similar criteria to meet in order to play on a professional team. Height is a particularly prevalent issue for many positions on the court. Soccer, on the other hand, has few physical restrictions. One of the greatest soccer players in the world, Lionel Messi, is only 5’6 and has still driven his team to many victories.
The simple, yet challenging, sport of soccer is truly one of a kind. It is the most popular sport in the world today, and is still growing. In the past few years it has even shown progress in the United States of America. Through practice and commitment anyone who desires may achieve the rank of a professional soccer player. Soccer gives the universal gift of connection and connects many different walks of life, a gift that should be embraced by all.

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