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Soc 203 Entire Course Essay

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Sociology - General Sociology
The Sociological Imagination . In order to do understand ...view middle of the document...

Theoretical perspectives

§ How would a conflict theorist explain the problem of obesity?

§ How would a functionalist explain the problem of obesity?

§ How would a symbolic interactionist explain the problem of obesity?

c. Based on your research, and personal reflection on which theoretical perspective is most like your own views, which theory does the best job at explaining the causes of obesity? Based on this analysis, explain why or why not the issue of obesity should be addressed as a social problem.

Additional research, focusing on scholarly sources, is expected. Websites can be included in your research, and eventually included in your list of references, although you are expected to rely on authoritative sources. You may also look ahead in your textbook, since health issues are discussed in several chapters.

Homelessness . We will learn about many social problems during this course. Some problems are very complex and are typically the result of both individual and social issues. As we study these social problems, one question should always come to mind: What can be done about these problems?

The video, Homelessness is a Symptom, helps us understand the complexity of the problem of homelessness, costs of the problem to individuals and society, and the challenges associated with doing something about the problem.

a. In what ways might homelessness be categorized as a social problem? Explain your reasoning and support your points with examples from the textbook.

b. Some of these policies suggested in this video involve government policies and funds. In your opinion, is this an appropriate use of public funds? How do you define what is appropriate use of public funds, and how does the use of public funds fit inside or outside of appropriate use?

c. The policies described in this video may be controversial. What concerns do you have about these policies?

d. Complete a web search focusing on policies intended to reduce or eliminate homelessness. Provide an example of a potentially effective response to the problem of homelessness. Define the elements that make this solution effective.

Education and Equality . The videos required for this discussion each touch on overlapping social problems. Although we will examine education, inequality, and race, each of which can be defined as a social problem or major component of larger social problems, the basis of our discussion is based on a simple argument:

a. Education is an effective tool in our efforts to build a more equitable society.

b. Therefore, equal educational opportunities must be available to all citizens.

In the video, Affirmative Action vs. Cultural Diversity, Tom Brokaw asks: “How do we remedy the historic mistreatment of deserving black Americans without punishing deserving white Americans today?”

Our efforts to address the problems of racial inequality have been centered in on one of our most important...

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