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Soc 120 Essay

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Week 4 Paper
    Communication is a key aspect to the success of a group project or activity. There are two forms of communication that people use; verbal and nonverbal. In verbal communication people rely on spoken and written words to communicate with one another over the phone, through face to face speech, or through fax and email messages. This is useful for people to instantly relay messages between each other when haste is crucial or before they forget. Nonverbal communication is just as, if not more important than its verbal counterpart. A common saying is that “actions speak louder than words”. Though that phrase was meant to be used when someone does something rather than just ...view middle of the document...

As a result, gender communication differences emerge in early childhood. (Kelley, n.d.) Certain ways a male would communicate could be considered offensive to a female teammate and the same could be said about the opposite. Sometimes something could be said about someone that offends both sexes and everyone else in the group. Women tend to use tag questions in their speech to encourage other people to respond and provide their own input on the subject. Women may also use qualifier words such as maybe and perhaps for the same reasons. Men, on the other hand, tend to be more outspoken and assertive of their ideas and tend to be more direct with their approach to a particular problem. Though the way both sexes communicate can be greatly dissimilar and it is important for everyone participating to use both forms of communication to achieve their goals and look past any differences preventing them from doing so.
  The way people of different cultures and backgrounds communicate can be difficult for some people to grasp and often results in demeaning stereotyping based solely on the way someone said something. The ways people pronounce words and phrases can easily be misinterpreted and could push the listener into thinking the speaker is less intelligent, less articulate, or generally less meaningful then themselves. "How you receive and process information in relation to those you interact with is an integral part of your daily work life." (Shukla, 2008) While some people hold fast to their accents and dialects because of their beliefs and culture, others may choose to adapt to their surroundings and the people they are with to better fit in and be more easily accepted especially in the workplace or in a business situation where being listened...

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