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Soc 111 Essay

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Emily Holbrook
Ivy Tech Community College Franklin

The !Kung Bushmen tribe was all about working together. The tribe had an anthropologist named Richard Lee come and study their tribe. The tribe did not really like home much because he was wealthy and did not share it with anybody else in the tribe. The Bushmen tribe was an example of an organic solidarity, which means, social cohesion based on the dependence individuals have on each other in societies. The tribe is all dependent on each other, as in the food they hunted became the whole tribes. Richard Lee did not show organic solidarity at all he was independent for just himself and his wife. He shared tobacco ...view middle of the document...

This would be plenty to feed the Bushmen’s tribe for the Christmas feast. Once the tribe saw the ox, Richard became the laughing stock of the community. One woman said’ “Big, yes, but old. And thin. Everybody knows there’s no meat on that old ox. What did you expect us to eat off of it, the horns”(Lee, 1969)? Richards’s sprits dropped rapidly as the day went on. In his article, he expressed his feelings as, “ I went around that day feeling as though I had bought a lemon of a used car”(Lee 1969).
Richard searched for a suitable ox as a replacement, however, with no other candidate available he decided to use the big black ox he had bought. He was very curious as to how the ox was going to look when butchered and if there would be plenty of fat. He was also concerned that there might be a fight. U!au stated in the article that, “Someone is sure to accuse another of taking too much or hogging all the choice pieces”(Lee 1969). The ox was butchered and served at the feast. The ox was plenty for the community to have all the meat they desired. He then learned that the tribe had been kidding with him about the ox being too “thin” and “old”. The true meaning of the joke was that the Bushmen would not accept a person who would brag about his hunt and they feared that a person with too much pride might someday kill someone.
Even though Lee had lived with the tribe for three years observing what they thought and how they organized their social relationships, he had made no contribution other than the handouts of medical supplies and tobacco. He occasionally withheld tobacco for a day or two when someone did not cooperate. In Richard Lees article, “Eating Christmas in the Kalahari” he stated, “In short I was a perfect target for the charge of arrogance and for the...

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