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Soapstone Essay

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Alexis Taylor
Period 6
The main topic of this article is accounts and excerpts of Roman law towards Jews in the middle Ages. Constantine the Great (306-337) was the first Roman emperor to issue laws which radically limited the rights of Jews as citizens of the Roman Empire.
This document was produced October 18, 315 by Constantine the Great. During this time period Christianity had begun to really develop and rapidly spread as a religion. Roman Christians began using Christianity as its way of making their own social classes. This document was intended and produced for the followers of the Christian faith and the Jews whom were a part of the Roman community. Constantine the Great wanted to stress and clarify the guidelines in ...view middle of the document...

Not allowing Jews to marry Christians, not allowing Jews to have Christian slaves, are things that more than likely upset the Jewish community because of this law.
Constantine the Great created this law to clarify that the Christian believes were superior to the Jewish/Muslim religions. However, this recreation of the law was created to display the circumstances in which people during that time were living under. Constantine hoped to establish order and justice during his rule with his words and he genuinely believed that he was doing what was in the best interest for the Romans.
Constantine the Great believes so strongly in the Christian faith, that he is willing to put other religions beneath it for the sake of superiority. He also believes greatly in the idea that people shouldn’t believe different than the ideals of the Christian faith, hence the creation of Roman law. Constantine the Great comes from a background of one sided ideals. He seemed to have the upbringing of what he knew was correct and he seems rather small minded. He holds these rules because anyone who has a Roman background is used to being this force of nature, super power that imposes themselves and their beliefs on others; perfect explanation as to why he goes about creating a Law such as this.
The speaker of this is Constantine and the attitude he holds towards this document is stern and demanding. He sends his regards to all but wants to have everyone understand that what he states is to be taken seriously and any law breakers will be prosecuted.

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