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Soap Industry Essay

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Consumer segmentation is the process of classifying people into groups that have some set of similar characteristics, resulting in the ability to be studied and targeted.
The most basic method is to segment by simple demographics such as age, income, or marital status. The goal is to identify relatively homogeneous groups with similar behavior that will assist in customizing the message and/or offer for each segment.
Some companies target only one macro group, such as the AARP attracting anyone 50 years old or older. Others have much more sophisticated segmentation schemes, using dozens, or even hundreds of variables.
The advent of accessible computer technology, the development of new ...view middle of the document...

  Lifestyle segmentation is one of the most popular and effective ways to create segments for consumer products.b) Personality: When Marketers use personality variables to segment the markets, they endow their products with brand personality that corresponds to consumer personalities. For example, Raymond advertises its fabrics with the tag ‘The Complete Man.’c) Social Class: It has a strong influence on the consumer preferences and the products they buy or consume. For example, when buying cars, clothing, home furnishings, leisure activities, reading habits etc., Social class becomes the key factor. Many companies design products and services for specific social classes. For example, TATA Nano was introduced in the market as a One-Lakh Car that could be affordable by middle and lower income groups. |
Consumer shopping behavior patterns include such things as the type of store shopped in, timing of purchases (i.e. time of day, week, or year), how much of a product is purchased on a given visit to the store, and how often the individual frequents a particular type of retail establishment or shopping mall. |

Product consumption behaviors include product consumption or usage rates base (as discussed earlier).  Other segmentation bases included in this category are product usage occasion, product use versus non-use, and loyalties to specific brands.a) Occasions: According to the occasions, buyers develop a need, purchase a product or use a product. It can help firms expand product usage. A company can consider critical life events to see whether they are accompanied by certain needs. For example, Tanishq a TATA enterprise offers gold schemes and promotions for Akshaya Thrutiya (auspicious day to purchase jewellery)b) Benefits: Buyers can be classified according to the benefits they seek from the products. For example, Peter England, a Madhura garment brand positioned its wrinkle free trousers on the basis of benefits.c) User Status: Markets can be segmented into non-users, potential users, first time users and regular users of a product. Each market segment requires a different marketing strategy. The company’s market position will also influence its focus. Market leaders will focus on attracting potential users, whereas smaller firms will try to attract current users away from the market leader. For example, Kishkinda resort near Hampi classifies its customers according to this characteristic. Resort believes that locals falls into non- user category, affluent class come to Hampi as potential users, foreigners as first time users, rich people near Hampi who frequently come there as regular users.d) Usage Rate: Markets can be segmented into light, medium and heavy product users. Heavy users are often a small percentage of the market but account for a high percentage of total consumption. Marketers prefer to attract one heavy user rather than several light users and so, they vary their promotional efforts accordingly.For example, Alan Paine...

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