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So Mush Water So Close To Home

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So Much Water So Close To Home
I couldn’t find my book, so I read it on the internet
All human beings have needs. The most basic ones are the natural, physical conditions required to stay alive. However there are other needs that are just as important to make the human mind work properly. Love and care are concepts deeply essential to the life of any person. If these psychological needs are not fulfilled throughout a persons lifetime it can result in different sorts of mental distortions.

The short story “So Much Water So Close To Home” is written by the American minimalist Raymond Carver and was first published in 1974. The action takes place in the town of Pasco and by the Naches ...view middle of the document...

He claims that he has done nothing wrong by not doing something about the dead body the moment they found it, and he gets mad by any reference to the occurrence: ““Why did you have to go miles away?” “Don’t rile me,” He says” (p. 4 lines 24-25). It would have been easy for Stuart to make up some explanation for his wife about why fishing in the Naches River contrary to the river near their home is better this time of year. However, he knows that everything could have been avoided if it was not for him and his friends need to be pure males away from family and responsibility.
Clair is very affected by what has happened. Because Stuart refuses to talk it all over with her she cannot let go of the thought of it. Her mind keeps circling around dead bodies in rivers. She remembers that a girl was killed and thrown in the Cle Elum River when she was a child. She even imagines herself as the victim of such a crime: “I look at the creek. I’m right in it, eyes open, face down, staring at the moss on the bottom, dead.” (p. 4 lines 35-36). Stuarts rejection of her attempt of contact frustrates her, and his way of relating to the discovery of the dead girl makes her disgusted by him: “… lying on the far side of the bad away from his hairy legs” (p. 5 lines 8-9). She starts avoiding contact too, and the communication is definitively lost.
Clair decides to go to the...

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