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Sneaking A Peekmetime Cost You: Genetic Testing A Price To Pay

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Sneaking a Peek, Sometime Cost You: Genetic Testing a Price to Pay

Sneaking a Peek, Sometime Cost You: Genetic Testing a Price to Pay
When signing the dotted line, we give away a lot. The words printed, the ink dries and we have committed to a legal contract that specific roles will be assumed and expectation do follow. The contract starts a line of trust that we often do not acknowledge until this trust is broken or affirmed. In the case study regarding Danville Airlines, Human Resource Director Julie Taylor and Pilot David Reiger a trust test was given, result were discovered, and now decision will have to be made because sneaking a peek into the lives of ...view middle of the document...

And since employees are a part of the company whose impact is immediately felt short term and long term, it imperative that the company know as much about who this employee is. Therefore, they test and screen, some requiring bodily fluids. Such results of the screening provide needed information so informed decisions can be made. These benefits such as providing a way to protect themselves from potential harm. Preempting frivolous hiring of employees who may or may not have the capacity to maintain the job they have or to see if they qualify for a job they are trying to assume. Preventing the loss of revenue due to absenteeism, increase in health coverage. Also providing reluctant employees information about their health like in Reiger’s case Reiger was also able to benefit from the knowledge that he have the gene. He can prepare himself and his family for what to come as he is familiar with the disease. He will also be able to get a better understanding of his worth to the company based on if they keep him or not. He will be able to prepare for legal ramification regarding the treatment he receives from his company after they violated his trust in gathering this data.
Drawbacks from genetic resting, besides the lack of policy to address situation fully, are for a company. It’s possible loss of revenue from potential innovators especially if hired by a competitor. Many discoveries are made by people whom lives are not lived to the fullest due to illness or other unforeseen tragedies. The fear of not hiring an individual based on known traits alone can result in such loss. Forcing people to look at themselves can result undue stress due to the genetics could provide unwanted information or too much information. This stress can result in a loss in revenue. Another drawback could be the loss of privacy if health information is loss or spread throughout the office through gossip
Reiger’s drawbacks will probably be knowing that he have the gene can cause undue stress and worry as he may have to relive the experience since the loss of his father. His requirement to addresses the feelings of his family regarding the new information.
These benefits and drawbacks are a few that both the company and Reiger face with the implantation of genetic testing.
Trust, Rights, Legal or Illegal
The right to do something often is not the best thing to do. Danville technically had the right to test Reiger and any employee under their contract. They can reserve that right to test because they have a responsibility to the board, and public they serve. Reiger is an employee and has by default given them the permission to treat him like property. Expensive, extremely valuable, and living property but still property. And they want to ensure that their property is still able to perform its job. So if there is something broken with your property, you have to fix it. And some time it requires things to be replaced.
Their legality of the collection of data is...

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