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Sndwich Blitz Unit 8 Assignment

837 words - 4 pages

CS113: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional
Unit 5 Academic Writing Assignment

Full Name:  Heather Parrish     Two-digit Section #: 05

Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. Save using “Save As” and add your name to the front removing the phrase “YourName.” All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 6 Dropbox.

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph #1:

Purpose: Brief Description

Write a complete paragraph about a person who has influenced you in positive ways. Do not write more than 1 paragraph for this topic. Focus on at least one way in ...view middle of the document...

Your response should be a minimum of 8 complete sentences.

There can be distinct advantages and disadvantages to taking online classes, depending on one’s learning abilities. For instance, online classes afford a flexible work and study schedule, especially if you the main care-giver in your household or work unusual hours. In any case, you can make maximum use of your time because you can set the pace of learning according to your own preferences, as opposed to maintaining the course off an entire class. However, some students prefer the structure of the class setting. It can be helpful in bouncing ideas and concepts off each other. Also, some students lack the needed self-discipline for online classes. And, a class setting helps to keep students focused and provides the positive reinforcement and confirmation that some need. And, finally, attending a college on campus makes the graduation process very exciting because you participate in a ceremony. The best thing about either option is the fact that the choice is your own.

Paragraph #3:

Purpose: Detailed Demonstration

Write a detailed paragraph in which you demonstrate how you will strive to improve your academic effectiveness by strengthening your reading comprehension, note taking strategies, and writing skills. Do not write more than 1 paragraph for this topic. Use specific ideas and examples to illustrate your points and make sure to refer to the 11- Sentence Paragraph Structure Chart located in the unit Reading. Include a topic sentence, several supporting and detail sentences, and a conclusion. Your response should be a minimum of 11 complete sentences.

I want to continue to improve my academic effectiveness by strengthening my learning skills. I think it is wise to always plan and prepare to continue to learn. Tutorials are a great educational source that are readily available. Practically any topic of a tutorial can found on the internet. There are generally easy to follow...

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