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Snakes On A Plane Essay

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When considering the topic of leadership playing an important role of organizing and developing a team to get the most impactful benefits while working cohesively towards a focused objective, one should look at the military as a fundamental example. Armies have been around since the early beginning of mankind, far before any corporate businesses existed. The business world and the military have gone through various advancements and changes throughout history. Today, both need to be ready for any type of obstacle or unpredictable enemy, and need to have the tools and development skills to build a team environment of readiness and commitment. Both business world and the military face ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, the ability to make important decisions fast is a lesson that managerial leaders should learn from the military. “Making good and timely calls is the crux of responsibility in a leadership position” (Michael Useem, 2010). The ability to make these fast and intelligent decisions, and then quickly dictate them to your team in order to complete the task is one of the most imperative qualities that a good leader will have. The army teaches a simple decision making lesson, “when you’re 70% ready and have 70% consensus, act. Don’t shoot from the hip, but also don’t wait for perfection” (Michael Useem, 2010). This exemplifies what it takes to make decisions as a leader. No group of people will always have 100% of happiness with a decision, but it is the manager’s role to learn to make these timely choices under tough conditions and bring together this team of individuals to act them out.
Thirdly, it is critical for the leader to establish a common purpose or goal for the team, provide support and aid to those that will help you achieve it, and attempt to forget all about personal gain. Too often leaders believe that one person’s fault or failure may mean advancement or success for themselves. What is good for the individual leader is not always good for...

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