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Snake Bite First Aid Essay

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Any suspected snake bite must be treated with immediate First Aid, (pressure bandage and immobilization technique)and transported to hospital - urgently!

1. Check that the snake is no longer around threatening the safety of all concerned, do not try to catch or kill a snake!

Keep the victim quiet and reassure them, get them to lay down. If possible call for assistance. Use a mobile phone and call emergency (000 landline and mobile phone, alternatively 112 for mobile phone).

If possible remove any jewellery (watch) and clothing (Cut off) from bitten limb.

2. Apply a wide (< 100mm/4inch >) elastic crepe bandage over the bite site then ...view middle of the document...

       If Not breathing - turn victim on back, Tilt head back and slightly downward and start EAR - 5 full breaths in 10 seconds.

C = Circulation - check for pulse, if Yes - continue with EAR @ 15 breaths per minute & check for pulse  and breathing again after 1 minute.

If possible, get someone to call for an ambulance 000 or on a mobile phone 112.

      If No - Start CPR @ a rate of 30 chest compressions to 2 breaths per minute, checking for pulse and breathing after 1 minute. (Make sure the chest rises with each breath). ADULT/CHILD: give compressions using two hands with fingers interlocked. INFANT, give compressions using two fingers.

STOP CPR IF Victim shows signs of life OR qualified help arrives, OR you are physically unable to continue.

If victim shows signs of life then turn into stable side/recovery position and manage any other injuries whilst waiting for an ambulance. Reasure victim, help is coming it's OK.

DO'S and DON'TS when dealing with Snake-bite!

Do not try to catch or kill a snake. Statistics show that 95% of people that end up in hospital from snakebite are those that have tried to kill or intifere with the snake. Remember on a warm day a snake can strike high off the ground, springing off its tail!

Do not wash the bite site. A doctor can use a sample from the bite site to help identify the venom by using a Venom Detection Kit test, aiding in the administering of the correct antivenene.

Do not give food or drink - especially alcohol, small sips of water are acceptable if there is a great delay in the victim being transported to hospital.

Do not cut or suck the bite. (By sucking the bite site the first aider may become envenomated & cutting it may cause other unwanted medical problems).

Do not apply or use a tourniquet. (A tourniquet will cause compression injuries to nerves, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins etc:

Always apply first aid and seek urgent medical assistance upon any suspected snakebite.

Venomous snakebites are not always painful and may not be visible to the naked or untrained eye. There may or may not be puncture or scratch marks, let alone two puncture marks as most commonly seen in the movies. Venomous snakes have more than just two fangs in their mouth, they have other teeth both top & bottom as we do, consequently multiple scratch or puncture marks may be seen.

A venomous snake only needs to break the top layer of skin & leave a tiny sample of venom (invisible to the eye) and this could be responsible for a fatality.


Always leave snakes alone. Do not attempt to hold, touch, feel or interfere with a snake unless there is a qualified "Herpetologist" already on hand and holding the reptile or, the snake is under his/her control.

Dead snakes can still inflict a fatal bite & there have been many documented incidents. Don't bury a dead snake in the garden bed, someone may scratch themselves on it, digging around at a later date. Don't ...

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