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Snack And Soda Machines Should Be Removed From Schools

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Nick Conklin
Period 7

Snack and soda machines should be removed from schools because students are attaining unhealthy eating habits. In recent years, schools have been pushing to reduce obesity levels. Students have a higher risk of diabetes, hyperactive behavior, and hypertension. This is happening in teens under 18. Schools want to encourage their students to eat healthier meals, but students don’t have many options for a healthy choice. Most machines are filled with sugary snacks like cookies and potato chips. “Access to and consumption of sugary and unhealthy foods and drinks have led to a childhood obesity rate that has tripled in the past 30 years, with one of every five children obese,” reports the federal Centers ...view middle of the document...

A pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. This is a potential weight gain of almost 20 lbs. a year from drinking soda.
Snack foods or "junk" foods, such as chips, cookies and crackers are usually high in fat. A gram of fat is worth about 9 calories, but a gram of protein or carbohydrate is worth only 4 calories. You will notice that the higher the fat content, the higher the calories. A small single-serve bag of chips contains around the same amount of calories as a can of soda. Eating one a day can increase a child's caloric intake by 150 calories a day. When you add this to the average soda consumption and you're now seeing a potential weight gain of almost 36 lbs. a year. These obesity levels will continue to grow if they are not removed from all schools.
Removing the snack and soda machines is a great start towards lowering child obesity in America. A study conducted by the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre in Dorset, England found that limiting soda consumption helps encourage a modest amount of weight reduction. After 12 months, limited soda consumption decreased the percentage of overweight and obese children by 0.2 percent. The control group saw an increase of overweight and obese children by 7.5 percent. At least limiting consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages may prevent excess weight gain in kids.
Children need at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity. Children have to exercise along with healthy eating. Children need to burn calories, and the only way is through physical activity. Things like basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, running etc. These are a few activities that can keep kids active, but they also need guidance from their parents. Parents must encourage their children to exercise on a daily basis.

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