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Smoothie Market Research (Uk + Ireland)

992 words - 4 pages

Table of Contents
1. Market Value 3
2. Market Size and Forecast 3
3. Key Players 3
4. Market Share 4
5. Growing and Declining Companies 4
6. Consumers Data 5
6.1 Who are the target consumers? 5
6.2 What are they Buying? 5
6.3 Where are they Buying it? 8
6.4 When are they consuming the product? 8
6.5 How are they consuming the product? 8
6.6 Why are they consuming the product? 9
7. Consumer attitudes to smoothies 9

1. Market Value

Smoothies are an increasingly popular way of consuming fruits. In 2006 the smoothie market in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) was worth an estimated €4 (£3) million and between 2002 and 2006, the market grew by 214% (AC Nielson in Amarach ...view middle of the document...

This is a growing market and one which Ella’s Kitchen, while tiny in comparison, has done well to exploit.
Pepsico’s presence in the market has been curtailed by the failure of Tropicana smoothies to fill the gap left by its decision to pull PJs. Ironically, this means that Innocent has increased its share of the market (now 80%) despite losing revenue.

5. Growing and Declining Companies

In 2003, Innocent Drinks had been the fastest growing “smoothie” brand in the UK. Brand awareness has grown by 28 per cent in a year – reaching 41 per cent national awareness and market share has grown from 14 per cent to over 30 per cent in four years.
Recently, Innocent Drinks has become Europe's number one smoothie brand after doubling its market share in the past 12 months.
In 2009, own-label accounted for 23% of European smoothie sales volume, followed by Tropicana (19%) and Chiquita (16%), leaving Innocent in fourth place with 14% [Nielsen, 12w/e 18 July, 2009].
Fast-forward 12 months and the fruit drinks brand has overtaken all comers, doubling its volume share to 28% [Nielsen, 12w/e 19 June 2010] and growing sales by 56% to 25m.
Innocent, which has a presence in 13 European countries, kicked off international expansion in Ireland a decade ago, but has stepped up efforts in the past three years, aided by Coca-Cola's £30m investment in the business in April 2009.
While several brands including Ocean Spray, Ribena (Carter, 2004), Grove Fresh (Addy, 2009), Nestlé (Benady, 2008) and Pete & Johnny (later PJ’s) (bought by PespiCo in 2005 and ditched by 2008) (Bokaie, 2007) were forced to withdraw during the last years, the entrepreneurial brand Innocent maintained their leadership in the UK market of packaged smoothies distantly followed by own-labels and Tropicana (Mintel, 2008).

6. Consumers Data

Data for this report are from a study conducted...

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