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Smoothie King Essay

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Smoothie King: Information Systems
Strayer University

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the case, “Smoothie King”, found in Franchising: An Entrepreneur’s Guide. The writer will identify safe ways to send documents through email. The writer will discuss whether that topic is discussed fully in the case and give his/her reasoning behind it. In addition, the writer will choose three information systems used in the case study and describe the purpose of each and its usefulness to the franchisor/franchisee.

Smoothie King promotes a healthier lifestyle by offering smoothies made with real fruit. They offer 40 different varieties that taste ...view middle of the document...

“If there is a franchise system with software designed to allow access by multiple users such as franchisees, then there's a major risk of being hacked for malicious or competitive purposes (Chan & Schaeffer, 2008). Franchisors and franchisees need to be in constant communication regarding financial issues and it is important that there is a secure way to communicate. E-mail is one of the main attack paths used by hackers to penetrate any corporate network (Chan & Schaeffer, 2008). With email being the most common channel of communication, it is important that companies find the best way for this to take place. There are constant threats of hackers getting into company information from laptops and personal computers. One way for the franchisee to decrease the risk of being hacked is to change passwords frequently and make sure they are a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers (Chan & Schaeffer, 2008).
Analysis of the Smoothie King Franchise Process
The franchise process can be a grueling one for both the franchisor and the franchisee. There in large amount of information that must be given by the franchisor and received by the franchisee. It is the responsibility of the franchisor to provide basic information during the franchising process so that the franchisee is well informed prior to beginning the journey. The process used by Smoothie King is efficient and mirrors how many franchisors introduce their potential franchisee to the operations of their franchise. The process entails the sharing of information between franchisor and franchisee to determine if each would be the right fit for the other. It is important to determine this prior to signing any legal documents that are binding.
Once the franchisor and franchisee have reached an agreement to proceed with the process, it is important to begin the training process. Training is an essential part of the franchising process and it is necessary if success is the long-term goal. “When franchisees attend the initial training offered by the franchisor, they come to learn about the corporate history, the goals of the franchise, the equipment they'll be using, and the basic processes and procedures of the franchise” (McCarthy, 2010). It is during that training that the foundation will be laid for franchisees to build off of once they become more knowledgeable in the endeavor.
Analysis of Information Systems Used and Recommendations
One example of an information system used by Smoothie King is the company’s franchise website. The primary objective of the Internet is to share resources and information (Cottrell & Worsham, 1997). Many organizations see the Web primarily as an inexpensive way of publishing information (Crowston & Williams, 2000). This site provides information about the process of becoming a Smoothie King franchisee. It has the free franchise kit, success stories, investment criteria, and much more...

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