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Smoking Research Paper

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Should Cigarette Smoking Be Illegal?
It kills more than 440,000 Americans every single year. It will take over thirteen years off of the average human life span. It costs the United States an estimated 157 billion dollars a year (Whitehead). It has been proven time and time again to directly cause numerous life-threatening diseases. So, knowing these shocking statistics, why would such a terrible thing be legal? Cigarette smoking is an obviously horrible habit that results in nothing but disastrous health consequences. However, cigarette smoking remains completely legal and is sometimes even encouraged. Cigarette smoking should be deemed illegal in order to obliterate the devastating ...view middle of the document...

Various studies have proven that if one stops smoking, that person’s risk for developing smoking-related illnesses becomes extremely reduced. This means that a smoking ban would also manage to salvage the health of smokers in today’s world. Overall, the personal health of all smokers can be improved with making smoking illegal.
Perhaps more astonishing than the smoking threats imposed upon the smoker, are those health threats which affect the non-smoker. This phenomenon is called secondhand smoking. Every time a person smokes a cigarette, they release environmental tobacco smoke. Of course, this drug-infused gas pollutes the air, contributing to our planet’s heavy pollution problems. However, the greater problem this smoke creates lies within the people around the smoker. Anyone within the proximity of a cigarette smoker will involuntarily inhale the smoker’s environmental tobacco smoke. By merely inhaling someone else’s tobacco smoke, a person can develop many of the same diseases and health issues as the smoker themselves. Victims of secondhand smoke generally develop lung cancer, as well as heart disease (Lukachko). Therefore, even if a person has made the intelligent decision to refrain from cigarette smoking, they remain at risk. The fact that the fate of innocent non-smokers lies with the foolish decisions of cigarette smokers is an injustice. A person deserves to control their own health and not have to worry about the actions taken by others around them. A ban on smoking would not only help the smokers, but save the non-smokers from the health dangers created by others.
Though it is apparent and widely accepted that cigarette smoking has enormous negative health impacts, many still argue that the positive impacts outweigh the negative, and therefore smoking should remain legalized (Hudson). The predominating subject involved in the argument of outlawing cigarette smoking is the economical factor. The tobacco industry thrives primarily because of cigarette smoking. Tobacco companies are some of the most dominant empires in today’s economy. Cigarettes are sold with special federal taxes on them and generate enormous revenues. In an informative article published by a leading tobacco company, estimations were calculated that in a single year “…the tobacco industry contributed more than $35 billion in government revenues” (Tobacco). Also, a reputable newspaper printed an article stating that “the tobacco industry grosses about $50 billion a year from the agonies it inflicts” (Harrison). Obviously, tobacco sales play a large role in our economy and create countless jobs (Tobacco). Although, a portion of the money and job positions that arise as a result of cigarette smoking are due to the illnesses the habit causes. We should not take pride in the fact that a flourishing economy is accomplished in part because of people being diagnosed and hospitalized due to smoking-related diseases. Our economical system has an excessive dependency on...

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