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Smoking Essay 9

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The smoking of cigarettes causes many health issues. The smoking health effects are many in number. Only some are very well known and the people are aware of it. There are many disorders that are caused due to smoking and that are still unknown for many. Why this sort of health problems arise due to the smoking of cigarettes is the question that arises in almost every ones mind when they are made aware of the ill effects of the smoking. Here is the answer for that question. The main reasons for the ill effects that are caused due to smoking are the contents that are present in the cigarette. Yes, the cigarettes contain tobacco with large amounts of nicotine that are stuffed into a cigarette ...view middle of the document...

It is like paying money to invite their own death. They reduce their life span by themselves and are solely responsible for the consequences that they are going to face due to smoking factors or they are facing due to the smoking factors.
Not only the world health organization, even many other health organizations states and describes the tobacco as the same. That is they consider tobacco as the most important risk to human health that causes unwanted pre mature deaths in and around the world. The centers for disease and control also quote the same saying that tobacco is the single most preventable risk to human life in mostly the developed countries. Many awareness programs have been created to emphasize on to stop the usage of the cigarettes, but these were all in vain. People have to think and take the right decision. Whether to lead a hale and healthy life or a life full of health disorders.

The first step in preventing bullying is recognizing it. Observe, observe, observe. Be vigilant. Watch your students, be present in hallways, and “pop-in” restrooms and stairwells during class change to detect any signs of bullying. Children who are being bullied might be too scared to tell an adult, so many times it is up to you to spot it.
Teach students to respect and look out for one another. Unfortunately, respect for others is not always taught in the home, so it is up to the schools to educate children in this regard. Children that are taught to respect themselves and each other from a very early age are less likely to become bullies.
Make sure students have a trusted adult to confide in. Teach students the signs of bullying and make sure they know that if they report bullying, their information will be held in confidence and no one will know who reported it. You may also have a box where students can anonymously report signs of bullying they have observed.
Teach students, especially ones that you suspect may be victims, to avoid isolated places at school. Talk about the importance of good posture and maintaining eye contact. Many times bullies choose victims they perceive to be weaker than others. If they present themselves as strong, even if they do not necessarily feel confident, they will be less attractive targets for bullies. Let students know that is OK to leave a situation where they feel threatened. They do not have to obey a bully.
Take students fears seriously. Teachers are busy, and they are getting busier everyday. However, there is absolutely nothing in a teacher’s job that is more important than making sure students have an environment in which they feel safe. Learning will not take place if a child feels threatened. So, take the time to listen to their fears if they voice them. Then act on that information. Sometimes it may turn out to be nothing, but many times, you will save a child from days of fear and humiliation.


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