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Smoking Banned Essay

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People smoke cigarette smoke around the world, anywhere and anytime. Cigarette smokes contain tobacco and nicotine, which are likely to drugs. Smoking is the act or habit of smoking cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. Tobacco is a plant that grows natively in North and South America. It is in the same family as the potato, pepper and the poisonous nightshade, a very deadly plant, the seed of a tobacco plant is very small and tobacco believed to be a cure-all, and used to dress wounds, as well as a painkiller. (Boston University Medical Center Community Outreach Health Information System n.d.). Should smoking in all public places be banned? People may disagree on banning smoking in public places ...view middle of the document...

These are because they think that they have their own rights on the behaviors they done to their surroundings. Since, it is strongly argue that smoking cigarette smokes should banned in public places as for some situation on public people especially to the pregnant women, children, elderly and the environment.
Firstly, smoking cigarette smoke is the major cause of health problem to humans. Smokers did not realize about the negative impacts on smoking cigarette smokes especially on their health problems. These causes more deaths around the worlds and the populations decreased every year. Smoke during pregnancy due to serious birth defects. ( CNN 2011).
In addition, pollution on the environment is the other negative impact on smoking cigarette smoke in public places. People live on the earth to breathe a fresh air from the surroundings. We inhaled oxygen air and exhaled carbon dioxide air. For example in the United States after January 2, 2010, they banned smoking in public places such as restaurants or bars and in the places establishments that prepare and serve food and drink. The owner must remove all the ashtrays which had been put in the indoor and assist any customer who is smoking to dispose the cigarettes. ( City University of New York School of Government 2009).
Finally, the government faces financial problem on...

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