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Smoking And It Isd Effect On Pregnant Mothers'

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Smoking and it is effect on pregnant mothers’

Smoking While Pregnant

According to Center of Disease Control and Prevention ("Smoking & tobacco use,"), tobacco kills five million people each year. In United States, only smoking is responsible for about 443, 000 death per year. Many women smoke without knowing the negative effect that smoking can have on their unborn babies during the pregnancy and after. The more the mother smokes, the bigger the bigger it gets the babies likelihood of developing these and other problems associated with smoking cigarettes.
Smoking while pregnancy disclosures the mother and her unborn baby to several health problems. When a pregnant women smokes her unborn baby smokes too. What this means is that the nicotine, carbon monoxide, and ...view middle of the document...

Low birth babies are more vulnerable to many health problems such as breathing difficulties and long- term healthy problems in adulthood.
. Smoking not only exposes the baby’s fetus to poisons in tobacco smoke, but it also harms placental function. The unborn baby inhales most of the smoke that the mother inhales in while smoking cigarette. Naturally this disturbs the fetus of the baby negatively. Placental abruption is problem that occurs from smoking during pregnancy. It is a condition where the placenta separates away from the uterus wall. During that period the fetus does not receive enough oxygen in the womb. This is because the breakage of the blood vessels reduces the oxygen supply to the unborn baby.
Cigarette smoking increases the danger of acquiring cancer of mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, lung, kidney, and urinary bladder as well as the risk of respiratory disorders and coronary heart diseases (Miller, Brendei, Brown, Chisolm, Ebbin, Frantz, and Knelson, 1976). The fact is babies are vulnerable, and they depend on adults to make a watchful decision in raising them and protecting them.
Finally, Cigarette smoking increases the danger of the mother acquiring cancer of throat, larynx, esophagus, lung, kidney, and urinary bladder as well as the many other diseases complications (Miller, Brendei, Brown, Chisolm, Ebbin, Frantz, and Knelson, 1976). It exposes the unborn baby to Placental abruption, Ectopic pregnancy, premature and low birth weight as well as many other complications.. The good news is that most problems related to tobacco smoking in the early pregnancy are properly avoidable as long as the mother stops to smoke as soon as she learns that she is pregnant. Therefore, the best thing a mother can do to protect her future baby’s health as well as her is to adopt a tobacco free lifestyle.

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