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Smoking Essay

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The reasons why smoking is dangerous and unadvisable are vast. It is important that smokers learn to avoid the practice because it slowly affects their health negatively and may lead to death eventually. Majority of the systems in the human body are affected by continuous smoking of cigarettes and other drugs. Usually, smoking involves inhaling of puffs of smokes of such things as tobacco and other drugs which have some effects on an individual. The person may be doing this as he seeks pleasure, relaxation and other means to satisfy his addiction. Smoking is not a practice to encourage and as we shall see, it affects the lives of persons negatively.
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The heart is overworked. High levels of smoking in the body result into increased heart rate. This increases the number of times the heart beats within a minute. This may cause the overstretching of the heart muscles as it tries to pump blood. As a result the heart may beat too fast. Smoking may also raise the cholesterol levels in the body. This goes and surrounds the muscles of the heart making it hard for the walls to pump blood. Such complications may affect the general performance of the body a great deal. Too much smoking leads to a lot of tar being inhaled into the body. This is a chemical component of cigarettes and other drugs that are consumed by smoking. The tar goes to the blood vessels and clogs them. This results into blood flowing with difficulty. This may further result into hypertension which is very fatal in humans. This becomes more serious in individuals who are stressed up.
The brain is also damaged due to smoking. The brain is what contains the central nervous system. The CNS performs the role of controlling all the activities of the body. The brain thus is alive and relies on blood for it physiological processes such as excretion and oxygen supply. When blood circulation is affected blood cannot flow towards the brain as is supposed to be. This may lead to brain damage. Smoking of such things as bhang is even worse since it has a direct effect on the brain and may actually cause it to shrink. This may result into the individual forgetting thing very easily. The affected person may further invite minor accidents such as injuries and cuts due to he or she forgetting too fast.
The blood vessels are also affected. Smoking results in blood flowing very fast within the human body. This in turn may cause the blood vessel to rapture as it tries to pass. The condition is known as hypertension. It may result into cardiac arrest or even stroke. This is where the heart lacks enough supply of blood. It may therefore as a result become undersupplied with enough oxygen and nutrients. This may cause disastrous and seven fatal effects on the smoker. Stroke may also be caused by the clogging of blood vessels with tar. This prevents enough supply of oxygen to the heart.
The Immune system is also affected when one becomes an active smoker. The immune system refers to the system that responds towards protecting the body against disease causing antigens. Stress weakens the immune system of a person. This makes a person susceptible to diseases very easily. The platelets are also affected resulting in wounds healing too slowly (Arnetz, 1996 pg 278)
The mental health of a human being is also affected when a person indulges in too much smoking. Hormones create tension and anxiety in a person. This may result into depression, headaches or other problems....

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