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Smart Metering Business Case Essay

1058 words - 5 pages

Southeast Asia Smart Meter Market Overview:
Market Trends, Challenges, Future plans and
Metering Billing/CRM Asia 2012
May 8, 2012

Hoonho (Andy) Bae
Senior Analyst
Pike Research


Smart Grid Overview
Smart Meters and AMI
Smart Meter Drivers and Challenges
Smart Meter Pilot Projects and Plans
Market Forecasts
Global Market Trends in Smart Meters

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Smart Grid Goals
Sustainable, Secure, Environmentally Safe Energy
• Reduce utility operating costs
• Improve grid reliability
• Increase energy efficiency

Less Grid

 Reduce overall demand
 Reduce end-to-end ...view middle of the document...

8%), Malaysia (59.5%), Thailand (37.9%),
Indonesia (19.7%) by 2020
• Total penetration in ASEAN region will reach 24.5% by 2020
Smart Meter Installed Base (of all Meters) by Country, Southeast Asia: 2009-2020















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(Source: Pike Research)


Other Regions Also Growing
• Latin America, led by Brazil, is increasing adoption
• Smart meter plans in Japan and Korea (KEPCO) also forming

• Prepay metering activity strong in Middle East and Africa
Smart Meter Installed Base (of all Meters) by Region, World Markets: 2010-2020

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(Source: Pike Research)


demand responsive
smart buildings

Generation > 30%
renewable sources


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