Smart Design Essay

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Smart Design
Get more for less space.

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Maha Aladdin 120521
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Smart Design
Get more for less space.

Written by:
Maha Aladdin 120521
Samar Mahanna 118911
Menna Yousry 120360

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Company Description 3
Company Profile
Mission and Vision
Company Ownership/Legal Entity
Product Description 4
Industry Analysis 4
Industry Description
PESTL Analysis
Market Analysis 5
Market Segmentation, Target Market, and Positioning
Buying Decision
SWOT Analysis
Competitive Analysis Grid
Product-Branding Strategy
Marketing Plan 11
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The company’s main value intention is producing high quality furniture that is to be used for more than one purpose in order to save space in houses and that is what distinguishes Smart Design from its other competitors in the market. Moreover, the main objective is to raise awareness to the products which Smart Design offers since it is recently introduced to the Egyptian market. Therefore, several promotional ways that will be used to achieve this objective will be discussed throughout the paper. Moreover, the market will be analyzed thoroughly with all opportunities and threats in order to develop the best tactical business plan based on the company’s and customers’ needs and requirements.
Company Description
Company Profile

Smart Design is the next new solution to deliver luxurious and smart solutions to small residential spaces, to fully take advantage of the available space without having to give up on buying some of the essential furniture pieces because it would occupy a large space. The company provides customers with different designs for expandable furniture that is made to fit small places, with some beauty aspects in the furniture design to make it appealing even if it is folded or not used. Customers would be able to choose from furniture catalogs made by the company, or provide the sizes, dimensions, and design of the furniture piece they would like to buy in order to be created for them.
Mission and Vision
“To provide, smart, affordable, and unique designs to people who wish to cleverly manage their houses and/or offices.”
“Luxurious and smart designs for every small space.”
Company Ownership/Legal Entity
The company would belong to the private sector of the market, it would not be operated by the government and would be operating by the three original founders of the business.
Product Description
The idea behind the business is using expandable furniture to save space, or to smartly manage small spaces. The designs for expandable furniture had a very modest start, appearing along with furniture shops that provide modern furniture that is usually imported from Europe or the US. The company would introduce the idea of modern designs of expandable furniture in terms of the needs and preferences of the Egyptian community at very competitive prices. The most important aspect is that people with small spaces can have modern furniture designs that would fit the spaces they have. Products that the company offers varies from wall bed sofas, coffee-to-dining tables, to modular wall shelves and extra storage spaces beds and folding chairs.
* Coffee-to-Dining tables

* Console-to-dining tables

* Wall bed sofa

* Revolving wall bed

* Folding chairs

Industry Overview
Industry Description
According to Furnex Egypt-Egypt’s international furniture and furnishings trade fair -the furniture industry is one of the vast growing industrial sectors in the Egyptian market,...

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