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Classroom sizes are becoming increasingly larger. Is this affecting students ability to perform well in class? I would definitely say so. Given a choice between a classroom with 20 students and one with 30 students, who would argue that the 30-student classroom is a better environment for learning? Obviously smaller classroom sizes are better and there are a few reasons for this. Smaller class sizes would allow teachers to devote more time to the individual needs of each student. Students pay attention better in smaller classes and they get feedback on homework and tests in a timelier manner with a smaller class size.With a smaller student/teacher ratio students will pay attention better because there are far less ...view middle of the document...

This is true because there are less people, so there are less people to have questions and be confused about the material. The teacher can make sure everyone in the class understands what they are teaching. What usually happens with a big class is some people get good grades but most people get average or poor grades. In a smaller class the percentage of good grades would be much higher. With a big class it is hard for the teachers to answer a lot of the kids questions because there are so many people that to answer all the questions the day would be spent answering questions rather than teaching. Smaller classes simply allow more time for teaching and learning than bigger classes.I'm in high school right now and one of the things I hate most about large class sizes is that it usually takes the teachers a long time to grade assignments and get test scores back. With smaller classes this wouldn't happen because the teachers wouldn't have as much assignments to grade. Who wants to take a test and wait two weeks to see what kind of score you got on it? Not me and smaller classes would eliminate that problem. People learn from their mistakes and in smaller classes, assignments would be graded quicker so the students could get feedback on how they did faster.Overall smaller classroom sizes are just a far better teaching and learning environment. They allow more time to be spent on the individual needs of students, it is easier for students to pay attention, and feedback on assignments is much quicker. The whole point of school is for students to learn right? Well with smaller classroom sizes more learning occurs than in larger classroom sizes, so that is why I choose smaller classrooms over bigger ones.

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