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Smallburg National Bank Essay

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British Telecom
Michael O’Hearn
Grantham University

British Telecom
The key integrated communication elements which reinforce BT’s position as the primary supplier of SME IT services is BT’s ability to combine their marketing strategies and a creative campaign into multiple marketing disciplines such as paid advertising, social media, owner assets, etc.
First, BT’s target audiences which are small to medium sized businesses needed an attention grabber. BT went out and hired Peter Jones, who had broad business and consumer creditability following his TV exposure with small business programs. They also used Gremlin puppets to portray problems for their systems which added a unique prospective as Gremlins are considered disruptive creatures. Since most of BT’s business is generated from small to medium businesses and start-ups, prime ...view middle of the document...

, Lange, F. & Smith, T., 2010).
The medium of TV was selected to carry out the bulk of what is essentially a B2B message because of their target audience. Since the majority of BT’s business is from the small, medium, and potential start-ups sectors, BT believes most are probably home-based businesses and to reach them, TV provided the exposure. BT also realized that prime time TV would reach most of their target audience because that would probably be the potential consumer’s down time and their advertisements would be most effective. With a notable such as Peter Jones and with the help of Gremlins, BT’s ads would have a better chance of catching their target audience’s eyes. BT’s total package of product and support at a reasonable price for these consumers would give BT the edge in this market (Dahlen, M., Lange, F. & Smith, T., 2010).
BT’s competitors have several positions they can pursue in this category. They can combine their IT service with another company who provides support services which would help them become more competitive with BT. The competitors would have to change their marketing strategy to something similar to BT’s to capture more of this target audience. They could channel more of their communication efforts toward the internet, mobile devices, etc., where BT is not as strong. The competition would have to come up with something that BT does not offer which would be a selling tool for them. Like, ‘How to’ hardware or software that allows the consumer to correct some problems on their own instead of waiting for technical support. Or working on developing the system which will better combine things like voice, data, and mobile apps into an integrated network environment which will allow people to interchange in real time and respond faster.

Dahlen, M., Lange, F. and Smith, T. (2010). Marketing Communications, A Brand Narrative Approach. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., United Kingdom.

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